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Mad Scientists' Hip-Hop hybrid hypotheses at Hodi’s Half Note

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FORT COLLINS, Colo.—Mad Scientists concocted a musical mixture at Hodi’s Half Note, on June 1. They were the opening act, along with: Hench, Qbala, Syntax and Kind Dub. Psalm One was the direct support and Louis Logic was the headliner.

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AWE is the emcee and Furbie Cakes is the disc jockey of Mad Scientists.

Before AWE accompanied Furbie Cakes on stage, Furbie Cakes grabbed the microphone phone stand spoke into the microphone. He introduced himself, stated he made beats and later brought out AWE. He stood behind his turntable and mixer and he began Mad Scientists’ recital with “Praise Hip-Hop”. After sampling Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life”—AWE hyped up the crowd and praised Furbie Cakes for still scratching with vinyl, as he continued to mix.

After Furbie Cakes spun his last beat, “Sound Science”, AWE made his way to the stage and mentioned Furbie Cakes would be performing at the “X-Games” in Texas. He mentioned they were both from Denver and thanked Qbala for inviting up to Fort Collins, Colo. to perform.

Prior to “1984 Remix”, AWE acknowledged Qbala for setting up the event and thanked the venue for providing a place to perform. Shortly after, Furbie Cakes removed his hat and began to play the next track. Awe went onto encourage Furbie Cakes to “chop it up”. Furbie Cakes took his advice, manipulated the sound on his mixer and proceeded to scratch the record on his turntable.

Furbie Cakes sampled Aesop Rock’s “The Blob: Beats, Loops, Bleeps, Bloops, and Crap That Didn’t Make It”, as movie quotes from “Goodfellas” was heard. After the song came to a conclusion, AWE asked if there were any fans of the movie in attendance. An audience member yelled out another movie quote from the film and AWE praised him for his exact impersonation.

As “Absolutely Brilliant” was about to get underway, AWE mentioned he was a radio DJ in Denver. He encouraged everyone to tune in on Fridays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. He mentioned his radio show was called “Underground Experience”. After the song came to an end, he stated he was giving away free mixtapes and finished off by providing his lyrics to two more Aesop Rock’s Aesop Rock’s “The Blob: Beats, Loops, Bleeps, Bloops, and Crap That Didn’t Make It” beats.

“Mad Scientists Theme Song” and “Trailer Park Boys” were also part of Mad Scientists’ set.