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‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm had doubts about his acting career

Actor Jon Hamm attends the premiere of Disney's 'Million Dollar Arm' at the El Capitan Theatre on May 6, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Like many actors who have made it big in showbiz, ‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm had to overcome some obstacles to get to where he is today. Playing the role of Don Draper on the AMC hit show has made him a household name, but the 43-year-old actor once had doubts about being successful in his acting career. Hamm graces the cover of the September issue of Britain’s’ GQ magazine and in an interview published online Wednesday, opens up about the path of his career.

In the interview, Hamm reveals that the lost of his mother at the young age of 10 and his father a decade later made him question his dreams of being an actor. The loss of both his parents just made him want to keep to himself. He told GQ, “It just changed everything. It was just a profound sense of being alone. And that lasted a while. I was in college, and I had to start over again. It was definitely a moment. I was at a crossroads. It really could have gone the wrong way.”

As a 20-year-old orphan, Hamm had every excuse to give up on his ambitions. Instead he held on to his determination despite many rejections and had to actually grow into being hirable which explains his late start at his career. He says, “Flick through the TV guide in the Nineties – I auditioned for every one of those shows. It wasn’t just my looks. My energy wasn’t right. You know, [affects hyperactive teen voice] ‘Hey guys! I think there’s been a murder! And have you seen there’s a dance?’ It wasn’t me. I had to grow into being hirable. People said to me, just wait until you’re 40. I was like, 40?”

Now in his 40s, Hamm is receiving a lot of attention for the role of Don Draper. He can’t go anywhere without being recognized and says in the interview that women throw themselves at him wherever he goes. It is hard to believe that he once was that boy who just wanted to be alone, but at the same time those experiences he went through has made him a more humbled actor.

The success of “Mad Men” has also opened up other avenues for Hamm, including a leading role in the upcoming film “Million Dollar Arm.” In the interview he goes on to talk about his career path after the show is done and where he sees his career going once there is no more Don Draper.

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