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'Mad Men' season 7 spoilers: Sneak peek into 'Time Zones' premiere episode

"Mad Men" season 7 premieres in just over a week and the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, is notorious for withholding spoilers for the show. Some of the most telling spoilers for season 7 premiere, "Time Zones," was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter April 3.

"Time Zones" will highlight a many directions the show could go by the time season 7 wraps next year. There will be 14 episodes total for the final season, with seven being in 2014 and the other seven in 2015. The first "Mad Men" episode for the final season will run one hour, unlike the two-hour episodes for seasons 5 and 6.

Fans will notice the time period of 1969 with the outlandish clothes, over-the-top hair styles, and changing office decor. The season 7 premiere will focus mostly on Don, Megan, Peggy, Pete, Roger and Joan. The most time will be spent on Don and Megan.

According to the "Mad Men" season 7 spoilers, "loose ends" from season 6 aren't addressed.

Megan's acting career is going strong and her manager mentions an aesthetic feature of hers he feels needs to be changed for her Hollywood career. "I'll say one thing about this girl – she evokes strong feelings," the manager tells Don. He then looks at Megan and says, "We can hold off fixing your teeth."

In other "Mad Men" spoilers for "Time Zones," Pete is relishing his new move to L.A.

"The city is flat and ugly and the air is brown, but I love the vibrations," Pete says. He's living out by "the tar pits," but has a hot real estate agent looking for his "ideal pad" to make home.

Not a lot of spoilers were leaked when it came to the storyline centering on Peggy, Roger, and Joan for the premiere, but a lot will be packed into "Time Zones" on a number of levels. This episode will be one of the most important ones where it carries the ongoing theme for "Mad Men's" last season.

"Mad Men" season 7, "Time Zones," will premiere Sunday, April 13 on AMC at 10 p.m., ET/PT.

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