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'Mad Men' season 7: Megan to meet with tragedy like notorious 60s star's murder?

Mad Men” returns with another new episode Sunday night and after the season 7 premiere last week, fans now know were all their favorite characters are situated. Some of the characters are still working out of NYC, while others got off the plane at LAX during their between-season break and have settled in the L.A. area. The season opened with marriage troubles blatantly obvious for Megan and Don, as the Christian Post points out on April 18.

Will "Mad Men's" Megan mirror the fate of Sharon Tate who was killed by the Manson family in the same era and same location?
Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Megan went from Don’s secretary to his traveling nanny for the kids and then moved into his bed, soon to become Mrs. Don Draper. She was smitten with those dashing looks, but now she's a bit bored with the never-ending search for marital bliss. Perhaps she’s realized there’s no such animal if your Don Draper’s wife. She’s pursuing her acting career as season 7 opens and she is no longer hanging all her hopes for happiness on Don. Megan’s gone into acting and is just about to get her first big gig on a TV series.

Her indifference to Don is very apparent when he comes out to visit her in the house she’s picked out in the Hollywood Hills. The place is a bit eerie with the sound of coyotes supplying the background music. “Mad Men” is not a show that is predictable, so everything that has been seen so far can change at the drop of a hat. One of the newest and utmost intriguing predictions of “Mad Men’s” final season’s story plot involves Megan mirroring the same fate as Sharon Tate.

Tate was just coming into her own with her acting when she was murdered by the Charles’ Manson family back in the 60s. This is the same era that season 7 opens up with and Megan will be spending a lot of time alone in her home this season with Don back in NYC. WTOP News suggests that “Mad Men” has a conspiracy theory spawned this season that Megan Draper “is somehow a proxy for Sharon Tate.”

Tate was just about nine months pregnant and married to movie director Roman Polanski when she was brutally murdered in the Hollywood Hills home invasion in 1969. Apparently it was about mid-season 6 that people started coming up with similarities between Megan’s role and Sharon Tate’s life story.

Both were married to older men who were important men in their chosen careers. Tate was home alone often as Roman traveled to make his movies and Megan is basically in the Hollywood Hills by herself.

Megan’s pregnancy was doomed from the start and fans learn this when she confides in a neighbor Sylvia, who was also bedding down her husband, that she lost a baby. Tate had her picture taken on the set of “Rosemary’s Baby” a movie popular in the late 60s that was directed by Polanski and Megan was seen wearing the same shirt that Tate wore in that picture taken on the set.

With the book and the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” woven into the story line of “Mad Men,” this is taken as a hint by some of the conspiracy theorists predicting Megan’s story to be one in the same with Tate's. Don and Megan go and see the movie, Sally Draper reads the book and “Rosemary’s Baby” is referred too often in “Mad Men.” Will Megan meet the Manson family and become a victim of a horrible death now that the show is ending?

This is what some are predicting for Megan's fate. Some of the similarities feel like they are grasping at straws, when it comes to the Megan Draper-Sharon Tate story plot. With this season being the end of "Mad Men," there's not a need to smoothly blend another season into place. This means that the sky is pretty much the limit as to where they can take the characters from “Mad Men.”

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