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'Mad Men' season 7 'Field Trip' video: Desperation as Don hunts Sylvia?

Mad Men” season 7 continues with the new episode “Field Trip” airing Sunday night, April 27. The promo for this week’s episode shows a very frustrated Peggy as she tries to pitch an ad idea and Don Draper desperately trying to get a hold of someone on the phone, according to the Christian Post on April 25.

'Mad Men' season 7 'Field Trip': Megan and Don on their way out?
Mad Men AMC promo

Megan is the epitome of a 70s girl with skirts barely covering her private parts and wearing all the colors that you once saw on the side of the “Partridge Family” bus. This season seems to mean independence for Don Draper’s second wife on the show, as she lives in the Hollywood Hills pursuing her acting career.

You can’t help wonder if the writers are giving Megan all this independence so she can become the female version of her husband. A twist of fate for Megan bedding down a younger Don Draper-type with Don walking in would offer such sweet revenge. Not only for the women in his life, but for all the women fans in the audience!

According to EnStarz, whispers of Sylvia Rosen making a comeback into Don’s life are heard online today. In one scene from Sunday night’s episode, Don is trying to get some woman’s attention with flowers and phone calls.

This could be Megan, he may realize he is on the verge of losing her, but the buzz suggests it is Sylvia that he is so desperately trying to connect with. Could this be the field trip in the "Field Trip" episode? Does Draper find his way to Sylvia?

That would make sense, because she really was the only woman that he connected with on a level out of bed. If any of the women Draper’s ever bedded down was targeted to be his soul-mate by the writers, it would have to be Sylvia. What about Betty? She seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. Last we saw of her she was playing daughter to her new daddy-like husband.

The 70s was the start of a breakout time for women in the workplace, they are just on the cusp of demanding equality. Joan and Peggy will struggle with this, as they have been from the start of the show. Because the times are changing, they may win a few more battles, but it is too early in history to see them win the entire war. The glass ceiling was made out of cement in those days.

What kind of nostalgia is in score for the viewers with the Hollywood location being part of the show this season? Megan can’t be hanging around the studios without running into someone from yesteryear that lit up the silver screen. Then there’s Pete and his new blond lady love out in L.A.. They look like swingers, or at least an early version of what swingers came to be. What famous folks will they see at one of their social events?

The final season of “Mad Men” offers pretty much a blank canvas for the writers, which is exciting considering where they’ve developed the characters up to now. Could the women of “Mad Men” get their revenge before season seven comes to an end? Will Don finally settle down with a woman like Sylvia who has as much baggage as Don does?

What about Roger, will he go to one orgy too many? He does have that heart problem. It seems as if Roger is purposely not in the fabric of the story line so far, could it be the grim reaper is just around the corner for him and will this be the big event that has Don change his ways?

Well, this is purely speculation, but if Roger kicks the bucket, Don will have some soul searching to do. He is just a younger version of Roger. Here's to the peace sign, you are bound to see one person put up those two fingers and say the word before the season's done!

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