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'Mad Men' Season 7: Don Draper in turmoil for past transgressions

Donald Draper, man's man, ladies man, man about town, will finally get his. The lead character of the AMC hit series "Mad Men," portrayed by the talented Jon Hamm, is in its final season.

'Mad Men' Season 7: Don Draper in turmoil for past transgressions
US Magazine

What can you say about Don Draper? The son of a prostitute, raised in a whorehouse.

A character who had adulterous affair after affair, cheating on both of his wives, with multiple partners. Carrying on with prostitutes during his marriage separations.

Womanizing, heavy drinking, lusting after and having sex with his neighbor's wife, while pretending to be his friend. Greed, extravagance, lying, cheating, vanity in thinking he couldn't get caught, time after time.

Living a life under an assumed identity stolen from a dead solider, who he traded places with to escape his military obligation. And he appears to do all of these things without one shred of remorse or one once of regret.

He's handsome, charming and totally irresistible to women. Behind those good looks lies a tortured soul. He will be confronted with his sins in season 7. What happens next in the Don Draper saga? Stay tuned.

According to a March 24, report by the Daily Beast, Matthew Weiner the show creator, gave a phone interview and offered up plot indicators about the much anticipated series finale.

Weiner wrote for the TV drama series "The Sopranos," and recalls the controversy over the fade to black ending of that show.

“There’s an immediate reaction to it and there’s a long-term reaction to it,” Weiner said. “If people behaved about The Sopranos the way they do now—with the reverence and understanding about what it was—it would have been a lot more pleasant for everybody involved. But there was such an uproar," Weiner said.

To re-cap season 6, Don Draper had been suspended indefinitely from his job, for divulging too much personal information and alienating a client, estranged from his second wife, Megan, and caught with his pants down, in bed with his neighbor's wife.

In season 7, Weiner said, "It will be all about the 'consequences' of Don’s actions.
It’s really a theme that goes for the entire last season,” Weiner explained. “It’s about the consequences in life."

The Peggy Olson character will struggle with finding a happy balance between her career and personal life. "I think she only knows how to pay attention to her job. And that may become a story for this season. [Peggy] would probably say she’s not a political person, but everything she does is pioneering. She’s reaching a point in her life where she’s going to have some choices," Weiner said.

The Roger Sterling's character, who recently discovered LSD, is “starting to have a bit of an existential crisis,” Weiner said. “Even Roger Sterling is beginning to see a bit of darkness in the repetitive nature of hedonism.”

Season 7 consists of 14 episodes. Only 7 episodes will air, starting on April 13, 2014. The remainder of the season's episodes will air in 2015. At the request of AMC.

“Not my idea” Weiner said. "AMC insisted after the strategy worked for "Breaking Bad."

Season 7 viewers shouldn't expect huge plot twists. Reflecting on the show, Weiner said, “It’s hard for me not to imagine these characters anymore, the loss is something I can’t really think about.”

Check out the new 30-second Season-7 promo.

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