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'Mad Men' season 7: Don claws his way back, Joan's secrets and Betty's politics

'Mad Men' turns the tables on Don as he claws his way back.
'Mad Men' turns the tables on Don as he claws his way back.
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Mad Men” season 7 airs a new episode Sunday titled “The Strategy,” as Don has to do something to pull him out of limbo. Last week’s episode was undoubtedly one of the most bizarre episodes to come down the pike, with characters changing their colors.

Hypable suggests in an article published on May 18 that “Mad Men” offered one of the more interesting story lines yet from this season. Interesting, yes, but it offered some very strange happenings.

The IB Times reports the numbers for “Mad Men” are slipping. Season 5 was without a doubt their best for ratings with 3.5 million viewers, with season 6 very close behind with 3.4 million. It is season 7 that is showing a large dip, one that is surprising for such a popular show. They are showing just 2.3 million so far for season 7.

Tonight’s episode hints to Peggy being on a hunt for research to do a pitch that will wow the ad men and Pete is invited to join and exclusive club. You can’t help but wonder if it will be one of those key clubs or swinger clubs that were “hip” in the late 60s and early 70s.

Megan showed just how hip she could be last week getting together with a friend to have a threesome with Don. In the beginning of the “Mad Men” series, Don was the one on the top in business and pleasure. That’s changing, Don was the one who looked like the square as his wife starts her seduction for the threesome. He looked like a fish out of water!

The same goes for Don in business, while the partners are doing everything in their power to cut him loose, Don’s prepared one heck of a strategy. The ad agency has become complacent, there’s no innovated advertising going on anymore, the crew of stuff-shirt veterans are happy with just getting by.

That’s not the way Don ticks and he’s determined to put the spark back in the agency he helped start despite the friction he runs up against. Joan is “getting ready to spend some time with a friend” this week. Fans haven’t seen too much of Joan, she’s been kind of drifting this season so far. A sub-plot for the curviest executive is desperately needed!

The severed nipple from Ginsberg last week was a shocker and enough for anyone to bring up dinner when the viewer’s got a glimpse of what was in the box he gave Peggy. Ginsberg’s bizarre infatuation with the computer had to come to a head, it just wasn’t expected that he’d see his nipple as a pressure relief-valve that had to come off to relieve what the computer was doing to his brain.

Betty is showing some interest in politics now that Henry is running for a higher office. It is too bad her views aren’t in sync with her husband’s. This could prove to be a problem in the political arena of the late 60s. What is in store this week is anybody’s guess, but it looks as if Don as on the bottom of the ladder starting his ascent to the top once again.

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