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Mad Men's toughest assignment: Sell Lincolns?

Lincoln Advert
Lincoln Advert
Source: Ford

There is no doubt that AMC's Mad Men has a huge following here in San Francisco.  Out of all the returning and newly minted shows on the air right now, this season of Mad Men continually ranks at the top for its sparkling writing and acting.

Is all of that good will enough to help out an ailing American car brand?  John Slattery, AKA Roger Sterling "The silver fox," has been tapped by Lincoln to star in a new series of commercials called "Smarter Than Luxury."

Other than ubiquitous Town Cars and Navigators, how many MKXs and MKZs do you see rolling around SF?  Personally, I don't see that many at all.  However, the newly revised 2011 Lincoln MKX and 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid are exactly the cars that Slattery will be pitching to us starting with NBC's coverage of the Ryder Cup this Saturday.

Slattery does not play his character Roger Sterling in the commercials and his presence is understated, mainly he is a voiceover.  After viewing the commercials, there is little doubt in my mind that Slattery was an excellent choice.  He does not overpower the vehicles with extreme star power, like Tiger Woods, but he is recognizable if not immediately placeable. 

Speaking of Mad Men stars in commercials, anyone else remember this Christina Hendricks commercial for Visa?

Of course, when it comes to car ads my taste runs towards the Kate Walsh commercials for Cadillac, but there is no denying that this new Lincoln campaign has given the brand some of the strongest material on its hands in years.  The question is, can Slattery, or anyone for that matter, convince San Franciscans that Lincoln is a luxury brand that should be considered?


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