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'Mad Men's' Ghostly dissolves talk of the web

'Turn Me On Dead Man'
'Turn Me On Dead Man'Mad Men/AMC

"Trippy", that's how one poster on AMC's 'Mad Men' blog puts it. Another compares it to staring at clouds. What ever your take, there's no denying the pictures are flat out spooky.

The images appear to take place in a series of dissolves in season five's 'Commissions and Fees'. Fans know this is the same episode a member of the fictional ad agency, Sterling, Copper, Draper and Pryce, commits suicide.

A blogger, known online as Jed Covington, was the first one to spot them. He says it was an accident.

"I was watching it on my computer when I realized I was going to be late to the barber shop, so I pressed pause. That's when I saw the first one. Needless to say, I missed my appointment. I"m usually early."

Covington then passed the information over to his friend William Campbell, at the web site DividableWatts, who shared it with his editor.

"It was Wednesday morning at five o'clock," He said. "I was just rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and I saw the face. It was Face! So I sent it over to my editor. He was like, 'we gotta move on this."

Then, he said, they found even more. So, even if it's true, what would be the point?

C. Kinbote Lord, author of 'Putting the S-E-X in Subliminal', believes there's no way to know.

"Sometimes it's done as a kind of goof. Sometimes it down right sinister."

When asked to explain further, he said:

"It's like the sex in the ice cubes, right? They may make the drink taste better, but at what price?"

And here's another question: Where is 'Jed Covington'?

As of last night, no one seemed to know.

"That's him," Campbell laughed. "But he'll be back. God help us all!"

'Mad Men' is currently on hiatus. AMC had no comment.

You can see more pictures here. What do you think?