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'Mad Men' mid-season finale: Don's dead Bert same as Ginsberg's severed nipple?

'Mad Men' mid-season finale has Don getting all that was lost back, except for maybe Megan, but he will move on from her.
'Mad Men' mid-season finale has Don getting all that was lost back, except for maybe Megan, but he will move on from her.
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Mad Men” season finale turns it all around like a country western song. Everything that Don Draper lost is coming back to him with a buy-out deal conjured up by Roger. Even Joan who was adamant about getting rid of Don was able to see him as her friend again when she realized the money she would make in the buy-out.

Roger prompting McCann to offer a buy-out plan made them all millionaires and soon everyone is smiling at Don, but better yet, Roger takes back the control of the agency. They will be owned by McCann, but they will remain an entity of their own without merging and becoming something different.

As Yahoo TV suggests on May 26, Don is reminded again that there are some things more important than business. This deal led by Roger Sterling was a win-win situation for all concerned, except for poor Bert Cooper who kicked the bucket watching the first moon walk and Harry who was on the cusp of a partnership, but not quite there yet.

The Atlantic TV suggests that this next scene with Don seeing a singing dead Bert might end up being Don cracking up from the computer, the same computer that prompted Ginsberg to cut off his nipple!

Bert returns to Don in a vision that happens to be musical number (bizarre and unexplained) that only he can see in the middle of the agency. Bert appears and says “Don my boy,” and then belts out a rendition of “The Best Things in Life are Free” complete with dancing girls in the form of secretaries!

Don had lost his friendships with Peggy, Joan and a few others in the office. He lost his job due to a breach in his contract and Jim Cutler is pushing him out the door. He has also lost Megan who is less than welcoming when Don tells her about losing his job and how he plans to now come out to L.A. to be with her. She would have been thrilled months ago, but she's moved on.

Then like a country-western song playing backwards, Don gets it all back, except for Megan, but that could still come down the line. His relationship with Peggy has possibilities and although she’s not his typical type, there’s an underlying friendship that could definitely bloom into more.

For now, Roger, Don, Joan, Pete, Harry and Ted are millionaires. McCann’s deal was that Roger, Don and Ted would stay with the agency for five years. Ted was not on board, but Don talked him into it with everyone in observance. This puts Don back on track with his friendships. Even Harry, who was a real stick in the mud and refused this new offer, voted on the McCann buy out because of all the money that comes along with it.

One of the other subplots blooming is Sally’s teenage love crush, but instead of the hunky football guy, she goes for his nerdy brother. Betty has friends visiting and these two boys are her sons. Everyone seems to think Sally will go for the jock, but she’s already kissed the science nerd, who seems like a better catch anyway!

Is Sally already straying as far away from her father's type at such a young age? She doesn't want the suave looker, she wants the kid with the brains.

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