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'Mad Men': acclaimed show returns for final season (video recap)

Elizabeth Moss as Joan and Christine Hendricks as Joan in Mad Men
Elizabeth Moss as Joan and Christine Hendricks as Joan in Mad Men
Frank Ockenfels/AMC

America's favorite ad man is back. "Mad Men" returns to television for an all new and final season on Sunday, April 13th on AMC. Centered around actor Jon Hamm's character Don Draper, "Mad Men" explores the advertising agency and the people who work there. Don Draper is basically a mess. Over the last six seasons his life has unraveled in his quest for power and money.

Here's a mini recap of the past season to get you ready for the seventh and final season.

  • It’s 1968. Megan tells Sylvia about her miscarriage and later tells Don about it. Roger learns his mother has passed away. A drunk Don vomits at the funeral.
  • Ken confronts Bob Benson about his efforts to ingratiate himself with the executives.
  • The Drapers host a New Year’s Eve celebration with their neighbors, Arnold and Sylvia Rosen. Don and Sylvia have an affair which Sylvia later ends.
  • Pete sleeps with his neighbor, Brenda. Trudy later confronts Pete about his infidelity and kicks him out.
  • Joan fires Scarlett for lying about her work hours. Harry overrules Joan.
  • Against Raymond’s wishes, SCDP pitches a campaign for Heinz ketchup. When it doesn't go well, Raymond fires SCDP.
  • Don grows jealous watching Megan film a love scene in the soap opera To Have and To Hold.
  • Megan wins an ANDY award for her work at SCDP. News of Martin Luther King Jr.'s death interrupts the ceremony. Later, Don watches news of the D.C. Riots.
  • Henry tells Betty he’s considering running for state senate.
  • Bob finds Joan in pain and escorts her to the hospital. Later, the partners discuss personnel cuts. Jim Cutler suggests firing Bob, but Joan suggests he fire someone else.
  • Jim announces Frank Gleason's death. Don works on a campaign of his own to win Sylvia back.
  • At the Drapers', Sally is left alone with Bobby and Gene. A burglar enters, pretending to be Don’s mother. Upon arriving home to find police, Don collapses.
  • At Bobby’s summer camp, Don and Betty, slim again, sleep together. Later, Don admits to Megan that he hasn't been there for her.
  • Peggy accidentally stabs Abe in the stomach while trying to protect herself in their apartment. Abe breaks up with her in the ambulance.
  • Joan has lunch with the head of marketing at Avon Cosmetics. She excludes Pete from the account.
  • At a party in California, Don smokes hashish. He hallucinates Megan and PFC Dinkins, who claims to be dead. Don sees himself floating face-down in the pool. Roger pulls him out.
  • Cooper reveals the agency’s new name: Sterling Cooper & Partners.
  • Sally catches Don in bed with Sylvia.
  • Betty tells Don, Sally doesn't want to visit anymore.
  • Pete takes over the Chevy account after Ken is accidentally shot by a Chevy rep.
  • At a bar, a drunk Don punches a minister and goes to jail. He later tells Megan he's gotten out of control. Don announces plans to move to California to work on Sunkist. Megan can continue her acting career there.
  • Pete receives a telegram: His mother is lost at sea after presumably falling off a cruise ship. Pete insists that Manolo kidnapped Dot and names Bob an accessory to murder.
  • Sally is suspended from boarding school for buying alcohol with a fake ID.
  • Don tells Megan they’re not going to California. She storms out of the apartment.
  • Don drives Sally, Bobby and Gene to the rooming house where Don grew up. They stand in front of the house, looking up.

The final season of "Mad Men" begins Sunday, April 13th at 10:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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