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‘Mad Men’ creator talks final season and dismisses fan theories

‘Mad Men’ creator talks final season and dismisses fan theories
‘Mad Men’ creator talks final season and dismisses fan theories
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Though “Mad Men” is coming to an end with the final seventh season (airing April 13 on AMC), there is still plenty to talk about. Matthew Weiner seems to agree as the usually tight-lipped series creator acts out of character while discussing the show more in depth during a conference call with critics, according to Yahoo! on March 24, 2014.

As always, the “Mad Men” teasers are vague, and this year's is no different. However, Weiner characterizes the overall theme for the final season as "the consequences in life, and if change is possible." The entire final season will be about characters facing going forward.

And going forward they will be as the last time we saw the Mad Men clan, most were facing some sort of dilemma. We left off with Don Draper as a new man literally, coming clean about his identity, but also out of a job and possibly out of another marriage. Also last season ended with Ted dumping Peggy to leave for California in order to go back to his wife; and Roger Sterling as was, well, an “LSD-loving flower child”.

The synopsis for the season seven premiere titled, “Time Zones,” has leaked online, according to International Business Times. Only a few things have been surmised, one noted that “Don makes a friend”. Some other hints entail Draper stepping out of what appears to be a California hotel and Peggy already moved into now- absent Don’s old office, seeming confident in taking his place.

And how about those conspiracy theories swirling around the show such as Megan Draper is dead and/or is Sharon Tate, or that Bob Benson is a spy and/or is Bobby Draper? Though Weiner is tickled pink at just the thought of them, nor he or the writers intend to encourage these theories. He also dismisses the way out there theories stating they are, "So much beyond the tone of our show… time travel or murder, it's just not what we do on the show."

However this may be, fans argue that Don has been known to see a ghost or two throughout the series. (The solider in Hawaii- presumably killed in Vietnam, Anna Draper, and his dead brother). They also argue that the vision he sees of a pregnant Megan has meaning. Perhaps these theories aren’t so beyond the show’s tone after all?