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'Mad Max' is bringing speed and brutality for the next-generation of games

Mad Max has been announced and it is coming to next-generation consoles in 2014, but we had the chance to get an inside look at what Avalanche Studios and company are cooking up for this game.

Excited to see Mad Max?

Max's vehicle is without a doubt the most important weapon in his arsenal. Yes he has other items he will be able to create destruction with, but the car seems to be a major fix.

You will be able to upgrade this thing a ton. Doing so will also help you progress through the game and certain parts of the map.

Having a car with tough armor will allow you to ram through certain gates and obstacles. Trying to do so with a weaker car will result in destruction of your vehicle and most likely you as well.

In addition to upgrading your car as a means to get around the world of Mad Max, improving your car will also allow you to gain better driving and handling skills. That asset will come in handy since driving is such an emphasized part of the gameplay.

Looking at one of the interesting weapons that was shown off in our demo was something called a thunderstick. Yeah it's safe to say you don't want to end up on the business end of this bad boy.

The result of this thing is graphic, powerful, explosive and it'll help you mow down some enemies. It seems like some of the weapons will be lying around for players to pick up and utilize on enemies. That should make for some interesting melee combat.

It was a little bit difficult to tell just how advanced the game's engine looked because of the desert and the nature of some of the gameplay that was shown. But then again, it was pre-alpha footage, so there is still plenty of time to refine things.

We left the demo of the game very interested with the points of emphasis Mad Max and Avalanche Studios seem to be taking with the game.

We'll all see how Mad Max plays out on next-generation consoles when it hits sometime next year.


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