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MAD Magazine's New 'Star Wars' Parody

This first appeared on The Huffington Post:

Next week, the new issue of MAD Magazine hits newsstands, which is okay, I guess. More important than that (and with a decidedly higher budget) next year sees the release of a new Star Wars film. Since the usual gang of idiots make their paltry salaries standing on the shoulders of other, more popular giants, they've set their sights on Star Wars once again.

I've written about the intersection of MAD and Star Wars before (for the official Star Wars website, no less) but it's nice (I suppose) to see them go back to that dried up mine for material. And why wouldn't they? Star Wars has been the gift that keeps on giving to them. They've been going to Star Wars since 1977 and they've never looked back.

For their new issue, MAD has given us an exclusive look at their new spread that answers a very important question: What has Luke Skywalker been up to for the last 30 years? If you follow the right path, it actually tells the story of the old Expanded Universe...

It's an incredibly funny little parody, even if it contains fart jokes, incest jokes, and erectile dysfunction jokes. And Luke giving Jabba a sponge bath? Crazy.

This issue of MAD Magazine comes out August 12th. For more information, visit the MAD website.

Bryan Young is the author of "A Children's Illustrated History of Presidential Assassination," the editor-in-chief of the nerd news and review site Big Shiny Robot!, and is the co-host of the Star Wars podcast, "Full of Sith."

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