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Mad about Maude: Friday's Fashionista

Thigh high leather boots, a sleek little black dress and animal print accessories... Meow!
Thigh high leather boots, a sleek little black dress and animal print accessories... Meow!
Photo courtesy of Maude

Don't mess with Maude.

She's got what Oprah once described, during her show, as "Chutzpah". It means "gall", "brazen", "nerve" - incredible 'guts'. People with a whole lot of Chutzpah don't spend a whole lot of time giving a damn about what other people think. 

Maude's individuality and strong personality traits show in the way she tackles her workout at the Y (where the muscle boys look on with an equal mix of admiration and intimidation), to the way she presents herself with her own sexy and savvy style. 

Her overall look is "femme fatale" with a modern street wear edge. Think Samantha from Sex and the City. And there's not many (if at all) women in Edmonton who can pull off Samantha. I mean, come on! 

"I enjoy taking care of myself - my workouts, the clothes I choose, the colours... cosmetics to the hair," says Maude. "It carries through to the way I walk, the way I present myself at work to my confidence levels."

Maude believes fashion is not so much about vanity as about feeling great from the inside out.

"And no one can deny how they feel after an intense cardio session to putting on a new pair of jeans, shirt or a new shade of gloss... it definitely puts a smile on my face!"

So where does Maude go for all this retail therapy?

That's a surprise, actually, as she rarely frequents store after store in the malls. Rather, she visits select shops and boutiques where friends 'in the biz' keep her in the loop as to new trends and seasonal styles. 

"I'm definitely a clothes horse," Maude admits with a laugh. As far as her favourite labels, she has little control when it comes to Sarah Pacini. 

"This Italian designer does such wonderfully unique things... she's so different and refreshing."

Ed Hardy is also on her fav list, and carries the designer's make-up bags and totes to and from the gym. And like this edgy designer, Maude likes to push the envelope with her look.

"I like stand-out fashions and items with interest - nothing conventional," Maude explains.

And Maude's best advice for looking great in all these fabulous fashion finds? 

"Hit the gym. Eat well and live well. After all, your body is your temple."



  • ivan 5 years ago

    i am maudes neighbour and good friend and have known here for about 5 years and this little page about somes it up perfectly. you definitly don't want to @&** off this babe

  • Vicky in Smith 5 years ago

    Maude is a good roll model for all women strength,intelligence and beauty all in one package you go girl!That's right you don't @&** with the Maude.

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