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Macworld showcase for ipad printer

The annual Macworld convention was held Thursday, March 27 through Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the Moscone North, in San Francisco, California. This 3-day event included demonstrations, presentations, educational sessions, and performances. The newly launched items showcased by entrepreneurs, created eye candy for the technical savvy. Educators were equally excited to view new products for use with ipads. The focus of this article will be those products catching the attention of educators around the world.

xPrintServer staff
Carol Herbst

One of the most exciting devices is the xPrintServer. This small box can be plugged directly into the wireless server at a school, and enables printing from every ipad on campus. Not only is it easy, but it's economical as well. For interested individuals, there are other versions of the box, including one that can be used at home. All of the devices print through virtually any office printer. You can even print from your iOS iphone! Check out the link for prices and further details.

Other handy supports for ipad use include the Stump, which is a stand to elevate the ipad for easier access. It also enables the ipad to be secured at a slant. The silicone-made stand comes in multiple colors and can also be used as a stand for the iphone. The Bakbone is a tablet ring that magnetically fastens to the backside of the ipad and allows for movement in all directions, by merely slipping a finger through the ring. It is very sturdy and comes in multiple attractive colors. Chief Executive Officer and Inventor, Paul Webber, stated that Los Angeles Unified School District is so enamored with the product that they have orders in for The Bakbone to be used at all of their schools. One additional product is a hood for the ipad, made by HoodiVision. With the onset of Common Core, all of the assessments will be done on-line. This hood allows for privacy by the student, as the hood is elevated over the ipad, and down the sides allowing only the student to see the screen. Each of these links show additional information, including prices.

Macworld is always an exciting event, with many new useful educational products. Those that have ipads will definitely want to check out the products cited above. For those interested in placing orders, be sure to ask about the Macworld discount specials.

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