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“MacWorld Is Depleting”

With upsets in the tech industry, MacWorld which is held yearly in the beginning part of the year in San Francisco, is depleting in the industry that has garnered actual industry professionals. Since the expo pass was given out for free to the general public, it goes to show how the organization has become desperate to have attendees to view their products. This year, it looks as if it is an indoor tech flea market.

Even though there are companies who have stayed with having an exhibition booth through the years, they have transitioned ways to get people to stop by to receive their products and services. For the most part, those companies are generally local to the San Francisco Bay Area. In previous occasions, there were companies from other parts of America and the world that had and gave away products for the iPhones and iPads. The non-local companies are not present this year due to budget cuts for the most part.

This year, there are companies that have nothing to do with any Apple products. There are just random vendors who are just there to show what they have even though it is very obvious their product is not MAC related. Previously, most companies gave away covers and cases for iPads and iPhones, but not this time, they are all for sale at what is garnered at a discounted rate just for the conference. Because most companies are not part of the Apple Corporation, production of products is of limited usability.

MacWorld has nothing to do with APPLE itself. It is a tradeshow where companies have made additional accessories for iPads and iPhones, and previous software for Mac computers.

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