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Macrumors: Apple to stabilize the iPhone

The iPhone 6?
The iPhone 6?

For techno geeks the world over, the iPhone is one of the most drool-worthy gadgets out there. Being able to make calls and do just about anything a computer can do while still being able to fit into a pocket, what's not to like about the iPhone, save the price? For people wanting to use their phone as a camera, there are a few limitations, one of them being no optical stabilizer in the camera.

Now, that just might be changing.

According to the Macrumors website, Apple has ot a patent to bring an optical stabilization system for a photographic lens that, according to the company, would be suitable for a “mobile hand-held device.”

Implication: a stabilized camera in the iPhone 6.

As for specifics, the design of a camera module combines both a voice coil motor-based AF system and optical image stabilization module into a single unit. Ow does it work? The image sensor sits static at the base of the camera module and the lens is free-floating. The lens can move up and down, at right angles to the optical axis, and to tilt from side to side. End result: the AF and stabilization can operate simultaneously by using the combination of AF coils in the floating AF mechanism, and OIS coils in the fixed portion of the module. End result: a physically small design that can act as both AF and stabilization at once.

Needless to say, while the release of this technology is anything but certain, it could very well find its way to market as soon as the iPhone 6, which is expected for this year. Additionally, this new technology could find its way to future iPads, too.

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