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Macon fitness instructor offers Pilates classes for beginning and advanced students

Pat Hudson instructs Shannon Vernon and Allyson Moody during a Pilates class.
Pat Hudson instructs Shannon Vernon and Allyson Moody during a Pilates class.
Anissa Coleman

Eight years ago Pat Hudson left a Pilates class with more questions than answers.

"It wasn't clear why I was doing the exercises," Hudson recalls.

Those burning questions set Hudson on a journey to find the answers.

"I got some books and videos and began to learn all I could about Pilates," she said. "(Pilates) seemed to have a lot of depth."

Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body, according to Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, the sickly young man worked to strengthen his body. Joseph Pilates, a medic in a WWI retention camp in England, used his exercises and breathing patterns to help patients with rehabilitation, Hudson said.

During the past eight years Hudson has learned a lot about the exercise and has used her knowledge to make her body stronger and help others do the same.  Now a certified Pilates instructor through Pilates Method Alliance, Hudson opened a studio two years ago inside The Wellness Center, a fitness facility in Macon. 

Cor Pilates studio

The studio, named Cor Pilates, is a private, spacious room tucked away inside the mega fitness facility located at 3797 Northside Drive. Hudson's friendly poodle greets her clients as they pull off their shoes at the door. 

Her students use specially designed machines to help them learn Pilates techniques.

"People joke sometimes that the machines look like something in a torture chamber," she said.

The wooden and metal machines have springs and other mechanisms to facilitate the Pilates learning process. Classes are for beginning and advanced students. Depending on the level of class, Hudson instructs up to six students at a time, teaching them how to breathe and strengthen their whole body.

"It's a smart exercise. We use our whole body, and we don't overuse one area," she said.  "It's safe and balanced muscle development."

The exercise has helped some of Hudson's students who suffer from scoliosis and stroke damage. They become stronger and learn how to use muscles they were not previously using, she said. Having seen much physical improvement in many of her students, Hudson said it makes her job worthwhile.

"It's whole health for their whole lives," she said. 

Class information

Classes are held at various times Monday -Friday and by appointment. Prices vary depending on the class length, etc. Call Pat Hudson at 478-747-8578 or email her at There is also a link on The Wellness Center site ( ).


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