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Maclaren's voluntary recall makes hinge cover kits available to all stroller owners

Maclaren has issued a voluntary recall for all stroller manufactured between 1999 and 2009. They had several reports that the hinges on these strollers had caused children's fingers to be amputated or injured.

All stroller owners have been advised to cease all use of the stroller until hinge cover kits have been obtained.

Maclaren owners can pick up the hinge covers locally from Sprout Natural Parenting in Brattleboro Vermont. Hinge covers are provided to all Maclaren owners for free. Once you have put hinge covers onto your existing stroller it is safe to begin using it again.

If you are unable to get to Sprout hinge cover kits can also be ordered from Maclaren directly and shipped to you free of charge. Fill out the order form and the covers will be sent to you.