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Macklemore to Kendrick Lamar: "You got robbed"

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home two Grammys.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home two Grammys.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Macklemore doesn't think he deserved to win best rap album at the Grammys. On Jan. 26, Macklemore tweeted a copy of his text to Kendrick Lamar saying just that.

The tweet itself said, "My text to Kendrick after the show. He deserved best rap album... I'm honored and completely blown…" It was accompanied by an Instagram picture of the text that Macklemore sent to Kendrick Lamar.

The contents of the text message said:

You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It's weird and sucks that I robbed you. I was gonna say that during the speech. Then the music started playing during my speech and I froze. Anyway, you know what it is. Congrats on this year and your music. Appreciate you as an artist and as a friend. Much love.

Macklemore said what a lot of rap and hip hop fans were saying after the Grammys ended. Kendrick Lamar put out one heck of an album and didn't receive a single award for it.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home four Grammys at the Sunday night awards show. The duo won for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Album.

In addition to the slew of awards, Macklemore & Ryan teamed up with Madonna to perform while Queen Latifah married 33 couples near the stage. Some of the couples were same-sex, some were interracial and others were not. It was quite fitting that the duo performed their smash-hit "Same Love" during the ceremony.

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