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Macklemore dubbed anti-semite for costume blunder that offended Jewish community

Macklemore took a bit of heat after dressing up in costume on Friday.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Macklemore is best known for his anti-racism, pro-gay marriage song lyrics. If anyone was going to pull some offensive racist stunt, it probably wouldn't be the Seattle-based rapper who just won another award during the Sunday evening Billboard Music Awards. However, a Friday night concert blunder might leave Macklemore with much explaining to do. As Huffington Post reports on Monday, many are offended by Macklemore and say he was mocking Jewish people with a costume he wore while performing.

What happened to have created such a backlash against Macklemore? The "Same Love" rapper was set to perform in Seattle for the opening of an exhibit at the EMP Museum. When Mackelmore came out to perform his hit "Thrift Shop," he was wearing a prosthetic nose, black wig and beard.

According to Macklemore, he wasn't trying to be racist or stereotype at all. He went on Twitter and posted his own reaction the the racist backlash. Macklemore's tweet reads, "A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume. Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody" Apparently the costume wasn't well thought out but according to the rapper, he never meant any harm nor was he intentionally dressing up as a Jewish person or the caricature of a Jewish person as many have suggested.

A few Seattle publications covering the event have called him "Macklemore in disguise." That sounds a whole let better than "Macklemore making fun of an entire segment of people" right? Seriously though, considering just how involved he has been with the gay community and considering Macklemore is a minority in the rap community, he is known for progressive lyrics and a very unique message within the rap community. He is mostly loved and respected by other musicians and has never been offensive prior to the costume mishap.

Is it possible that Macklemore was not being intentionally racist? Could it be that he really was just dressing up in disguise with a fake nose, wig and beard as he said? What would it take for the media and fans to forgive Macklemore and move on to a real issue? Maybe he should have just apologized for coming across the way he did. We all make mistakes and in this case it seemed very unintentional.

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