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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis break silence appearing in Fences' song ‘Arrows’

A huge goal when making music, or any type of art, is for the art work to reach as many ears and eyes as possible. The artists, for the most part, want to be recognized. They want to share and connect with people through what they produce or make. Everyone, no matter what profession or talent one may have, simply wants to be recognized and appreciated.

The come up on the rap game, or entertainment industry, is dependent on fans, executives and others to perceiver one as being talented. The success of an artist relies heavily on validation. As an artist the need and want to be famous and recognized for ones work means that the artist has to do all they can to get noticed. They must climb and climb until they reach the top.. and then they recognize how lonely it is up at the top. The climb, the anticipation is what makes the grind of an artist so strong. Then, it can be seen that the money and the fame should never be the ultimate goal for an artist. Because one will soon learn that isn’t what music, or life, is all about.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were nothing more than two musicians out of Seattle before they blew up after their hit ‘Thrift Shop.’ The duo had been making music and videos for a long time prior to that single. Their fame grew quickly and climaxed at the Grammy’s where they won numerous awards. Has anyone ever thought about how it must feel for these two artists? To go from thousands of fans to millions?

Macklemore and Ryan have broken their musical silence yesterday, August 11, with an appearance on fellow Seattle based musician Fences' music video. The song is called ‘Arrows’ and will appear on Fences next album ‘Lesser Oceans.’ The original audio version of the song was released July 22. Even though the song is a Fences’ song, Macklemore is getting a lot of attention and questions about his two verses that appear on the song.

Both verses reference the question about fame, the limelight and the feeling of perceiving to have it all … but not. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ story is close to a fairy tale in the music world, so the duo should feel ecstatic right? This is where the general public has it wrong with these celebrities and artists. In the song ‘Arrows’ Macklemore spits,

When God gives you everything,
Everything that you ever asked for
And it still looks a bit different
Then when you pictured it on that back porch.

This line is a testament to the feelings Macklemore has about his fame. The images in the music video that was released yesterday, August 11, also says a lot about the topic of fame. In the video, Macklemore is in a tiger’s cage getting snapped by paparazzi and is eventually shot dead by an arrow. In another image, Macklemore climbs a high ladder to a diving board, and dives into a pool filled with his cover photo from a 2013 issue of the RollingStone and then shot dead by an arrow. The imagery in the video clearly parallel’s Macklemore’s negative, or conflicting, feelings about fame.

This issue and subject matter in this video, plays into so many other entertainer’s careers. Just yesterday, August 11, one of the most famous comedians of our time, displayed his unhappiness. Robin Williams was successful, talented and well loved, but, he still felt lost in this world and resorted to suicide. It is more than sad, it is devastating. The fact that these individuals who are talented and giving us people such beautiful work to appreciate, laugh at, and inspire are left feeling lonely and lost.

Part of the blame has to be put onto the media in making it seem that these individuals and celebrities are completely one hundred percent different than the general public. The gap between the famous and the common individuals is causing the common individual to not be themselves but more like the celebrities, and the celebrities to get lost in themselves and feel alone. Both situations end up in depression because our society doesn’t tell individuals to stick to their authentic talents and feelings. Society tells us that success is everything and that everything must be done in order to get there, even if that means leaving the authentic self behind. It is sad and troubling.

Overall, this Macklemore verse in the new Fence’s video alongside the recent devastation of Robin Williams passing, brings out the main point that everyone needs to understand about humanity: “We are one, we're all just people.

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