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Maci Bookout starts a blog

Maci Bookout starts a blog
Maci Bookout starts a blog
Maci Bookout's Twitter

Although “Teen Mom” ended a while ago, Maci Bookout has managed to keep a large following of fans. Most of her fans keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram, but now they can keep up with her on her blog. Maci Bookout revealed her new blog post on March 25 via Twitter.

“My blog is in full force! go to for a good read, pretty please?,” the former “Teen Mom” tweeted to her fans.

In her second blog post, Maci Bookout talks about answering the questions that her son, Bentley asks. It turns out that the five-ear-old asks some pretty tough questions, but being a good mom, Maci Bookout tries to answer them the best that she can.

So, if you are looking to keep up with the former “Teen Mom” and to get some awesome parenting advice, check out Maci Bookout’s blog!

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