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Machines help keep technicians in the loop

Machines help keep technicians connected
Machines help keep technicians connected

Once upon a time, field service technicians had to wait for something to actually break before they even knew there was a problem to fix. Now technology has taken over certain areas of maintenance. Machines can now talk to each other and communicate about wear issues before they become complete breakdowns. This translates to a faster response time and actually getting problems fixed before they arise, which can keep operations running smoothly.

Currently there are 50 billion sensors in machines communicating their status to the mother ship. In the next few years, however, that number is expected to balloon to 2 trillion. The sensors measure for unusual or abnormal readings at regular intervals and reports data to other machines. This translates to greater predictability in infrastructure.

Check out this infographic for more statistics on machine to machine communication and infrastructure upgrades. Do you have something to add to the conversation? Be sure to share this infographic with your friends.