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Machine guns outrank ties for Father’s Day gifts

Giving Dad another tie for Father's Day? Or are you are the slippers or socks kind of gift provider?

Action at White City Shooting rangeGirls enjoy shooting too
Action at White City Shooting rangeGirls enjoy shooting too
Welburn's weapons

Either way, you have the chance to toss all that aside and have a rip roaring Father’s Day on the shooting range at the Sports Park in White City. Welburn’s Weapons sponsors a Father’s Day machine gun shoot that is guaranteed to add some real zing to your Father’s Day gift giving.

A $10 fee for shooters and a $5 fee for spectators get you onto the range where experienced firearms experts can supervise a safe environment for adrenaline producing rounds of target practice.

After that, the cost is going to depend on which machine gun you choose. Vendors charge by the magazine size and will range from $10 to $30 or more. Be advised that machine guns run through the ammo quickly. You may find yourself wanting to spend much more for the opportunity to blaze away at the targets.

A special drawing each hour of the day starting at 11:00 will allow selected winners the opportunity to shoot at exploding tennerite targets. It provides an exhilarating experience for both the shooters and the spectators. Tannerite is intended to detonate when shot by a high-velocity firearm cartridge.

Tannerite is also used for dramatic effect to provide explosions in weaponry demonstrations or other events. Ordinarily, firing rifle-caliber machine guns and long arms will not produce much more than a shattered target or hole (and the sound of the firing) when shot at a target. Using exploding targets can provide movie-like experiences such as exploding cars.

The day is planned to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. Even the little old gentlemen and ladies who tip the scales at 100 pounds and stand maybe 5 feet tall will be able to successfully shoot the guns with the help of the many enthusiastic professionals. The guns also are mounted on tripods for stability, and ear protection is available.

Grab your Dad, rip off his tie, get the checkbook and head for the Sports Park in White City for an unforgettable Father’s Day celebration with the help of Welburn’s Weapons.

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