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"Machete Kills" (review): Don't Miss the Insanity, Pick it Up on DVD

Before writing this review, I must admit this is my first experience with “Machete”. I have not seen the first movie and other movies related to it. What I know about this movie and series is from what I have read, been told and what I saw from this movie “Machete Kills”.

Machete Kills” comes from the mind and creative ability of Robert Rodriguez. His style is a throwback to the underground directors of the 70s mixed with over the top action and violence. He has almost created a genre all his own, where this movie and a hinted at next movie “Machete Kills Again…in Space” all group together to form action, drama, suspense, comedy, all in one giant class of movies. Rodriguez movies have the feel that he does whatever he wants and for some reason manages to find audiences who enjoy it.

Danny Trejo stars as Machete, a killing machine, so to speak. Machete and Sartana Rivera (Jessica Alba) intercept a Mexican cartel mission, and Rivera is killed in the process. Machete is arrested and hanged, though unsuccessfully, by the local Sheriff before receiving a call for service by the President. The President played by Carlos Estevez (or commonly known as Charlie Sheen) pardons Machete and asks for his service due to stop madman Marcos Mendez who is threatening to launch a missile at the US.

The ensuing story takes twists and turns that only a Rodriguez movie and maybe one or two other directors could pull off. The outrageous, over the top, shooting from a “gun bra” or cutting people up by swinging on a helicopter blade, are just a few of the violent scenes you can expect. I didn’t find myself despising this movie as I thought I would. On paper, it has everything that would make an audience run for the hills, bad acting, over the top story, lots of violence, crazy plot twist, but I found myself actually enjoying the garishness of it all.

Key cameos from Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr., Antonio Banderas, and others also add to the excitement. You wait to see who might show up next and just what part exactly they will play in this outlandish plot. If you appreciate humorous artistic expression, you might enjoy this movie. I didn’t go in thinking that I would find or take anything away from watching this, but the promise of more to come has me anxious to see what might happen next.

Machete is the kind of series that many will either love or hate, you don’t really have much of an in between. I could see the case for both sides, for all of the reasons mentioned above, it can be boiled down to being silly and outrageous, but if it is consciously aware of that fact, doesn’t that say something? I am quite looking forward to seeing what kind of antics and trouble Machete will find once he gets into space, if and when that movie gets made.

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