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MacDill Airfest 2014

MacDill Airfest 2014
MacDill Airfest 2014

Once again the MacDill Air Force Base put on a fantastic airshow. This past weekend in Tampa, Florida over 250,000 spectators attended as the United States Air Force Thunderbirds flew over the city and the surrounding bay area. Usually this wouldn't be that big of deal, but last year the show had to be cancelled due to the grounding of the Thunderbirds and the Navy's Blue Angels by the Defense Department.

No one got to see our elite aviation teams due to budget cuts. Once again the Defense Dept. wants to cut almost everything off the board. The problem is that when you do that and you lose a lot of money. Airshows bring the community to the base and that means money cash straps military bases. Tampa bay is very proud of its Air Force base. We love it so that when it was almost scrapped back in the 90's the community as well as a congressman like no other, Bill Young, came to its rescue.

The air show had all the favorite planes on hand, like the B-52, F-22, F-16, F-15, A-10, C-5, C-17, B-1, plus many more. Their pilots were also there to answer any question.

The B-25, P-51, MiG-17 and of course the Thunderbirds, showed us exactly what they were up to in the sky.

Now, here is were the base will make it's money, you can't bring any coolers to the show. So your buying everything there at the base and on the flight line. This year the business community worked hand in hand with the Air Force to put on the show.

The main reason to have an exibition like this is recruitment. I remember as a young man coming to an air show I would look at the uniforms. My father being National Guard I grew up with a parent in uniform. As soon as I was eighteen I signed up for the Army.

The Department of Defense has to understand that cutting the military at all leaves this country not only vulnerable in supply but in demand. You cut the military and many young people will not look towards the military as a career.

Once again MacDill Air Force Base put on a fine show for the city and surrounding area of Tampa Bay. To all those serving we say "Thank You".