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Mac: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis review


Stumbling upon an ancient energy source, Indy sets out to uncover a Nazi plot that turns out to be the domination of the lost continent Atlantis. Along the way he comes across an old acquaintance, Sophia Hapgood, who joins him on his mission. Indy and Sophia must stop the Nazis from harvesting Atlantis' energy source, and using it to conquer the world...


What's it all about?
It's a point and click adventure: You guide Indy about by pointing to objects and performing(clicking) various actions on them. Along the way you are presented with three different "paths" to finish the game by, each with new locations, strategies and ways of doing things. The "Team" path has you accomplishing your goals via teamwork with your partner Sophia. The "Wits" path will have you thinking your way, using logic rather than your fists to make it through. Finally, the "Fists" path will have you brawling you way, Indy-style through hordes of Nazi's in your attempt to save Atlantis.

Graphics - Excellent...still. Even with the non-PPC version's resolution limit of 640X400, the graphics still look excellent. Turn on "Smooth Graphics" to clean them up quite a bit, then set them to display as "Large" and you're good to go(setting your monitor res to 640X480 will yield the best results).

Sound - Not exactly CD-quality. Now, let me explain, as that's not necessarily a bad thing so much as it's just a disappointment. With the CD-enhanced "Talkie" version of the game, you get what you would have gotten on disks(midi music and sound effects) but also full speech from all of the characters throughout the game. All in all, an upgrade right? Kinda. It's disappointing that LucasArts opted to just transfer the midi soundtrack to the CD, rather than redo it to take advantage of the CD's redbook capabilities. To further help with the midi music, be sure to turn the music quality up to "Best" in the Options menu.

Control - You point, then click...that's about all there really is to it. The fights, using the keypad, are awkward, but easy to get used to...and even easier to win most times.

AI - There's not really a whole lot to speak really do control what happens to Indy. Be it through your actions, the way you talk to people or the paths you take, anything that happens along the way is completely up to you.

Replay value - High. With three different paths, playing through again yields a different enough game to warrant doing so. Note: There are points at which the game is always the same, no matter what path you've chosen...for purposes relating to the story.

Getting it to run - Extremely easy. You can go for playing it directly off the CD or you can drag everything off the disc onto your HDD. If you choose to just play it off the CD, just create a folder to put your Indy IQ points(initially, the IQ points will be stored in your System Folder) and various saves in. It will be less than 200k, and with your modern CD/DVD Rom you shouldn't have any problems...

Tips for better gaming experiences:
A good FAQ comes in mighty handy for this game. In times of need, be sure to check out one of the various FAQs over at GameFAQs. Though they are all for the PC version, they will work fine for the Mac version. One more note, there will be a point in the game, that will find Indy and Sophia back in his office at Barnett College. At this time be SURE TO SAVE THE GAME. This is the point at which you can choose one of the three paths: Wits, Fists or Team. Saving the game here will make it so that once you finish one path, you don't have to start all over at the beginning of the game to start on the next.

Still Supported?
Yes! Try LucasArts' Support Page.

Rating: 99(out of 100) - The *best* point and click game....EVER. FoA mixes an interesting story with great humor, some serious brain food and a vast variety of characters and locations to come up with an adventure game that everyone should experience.

 A view of Atlantis.  Notice the LucasArts symbol to Indy's left...
 Just finding the first item that simply begins the game can be a chore...  Remember, the sucker punch can knock *anyone* out in ONE hit.
For more info: 
Name: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Mac Conversion: LucasArts
Media: 1 CD
HD Installation: 152.6 megs


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