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Mac attack

Signature MAC cosmetics
Signature MAC cosmetics

I was never intersted in MAC Cosmetics, my friends kind of sprung the new make-up trend onto me.   I have always been a "Cover Girl," but I think Mac has some great affordable products that really add some spice to your makeup collection. 

This holiday they have a promotion on a new product that I have become obsessed with.  You know when  you see that metallic eye look...well, have you ever wondered what this product was? MAC has a version of this and for the holiday season they are selling it in three differn't gift boxes each holding 5 of the eye pigments, all a different color scheme.  These pigments truly are unbelieveable.  My roomate just purchsed the "cool" colored pigments and they look awesome. 

MAC has a lot of gift boxes and promotional products for the holiday.  I strongly recommend anyone interested in seeing what MAC has to offer to stop in or take a look online at 

I was afraid to follow the hype, but they do have some sales and affordable, great looking makeup.