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Mac and Trouble need a Costume

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Mac and Trouble is a comicbook by writer/artist Rusty Gilligan that stars his real-life cats in their very own anthropomorphic adventures. Well, Gilligan (being the creative soul that he is), determined that if the two felines could have their own comic, well then they just need some help to get a costume so that Mac can appear at live events, comic shows, and pop culture functions. Gilligan has been working in comics since 1978, for a variety of different companies in a number of different capacities, and now he is hoping to launch a special project that is near and dear to his heart that is based on his Mac and Trouble comics property.

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Currently, he is working up the funds to purchase a costume for an actor to wear at the many appearances and conventions that he does. He’s scoured the internet, and located a costume that closely resembles the Mac character, and — with some small alterations — he’ll be all set to go.

This campaign is designed to help him raise the funds necessary to purchase the costume and help with the alterations to make it just right for his needs. To this end, he’s included some unusual rewards for this campaign...things that he hopes will attract the attention of interested backers. He assured us that any funds earned over the goal amount will result in extra mystery prizes being sent to contributors.

Dan Gorman is the main penciler/artist for Mac and Trouble and his work regularly graces the pages of AC Comic’s FemForce. Gorman is also a penciler on an independent comic called Only Human and has provided pin-up work for a Horror series called Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight published by Dark Horse Comics. Dan has also worked on over 90 Trading Card sets as a Sketch Card Artist. In this capacity Gorman has created artwork for major licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, DC and AMC’s The Walking Dead to name but a few.

Jim Taylor has been a fixture in comics for over 30 years, primarily as a cover artist…but has also done some wonderful interiors for projects like The Wraith, Lovely as Lie, Ripperman, and various independent publishers. Taylor has a previously published page from his time on The Wraith…these are the original pencils…that he will be donating…as well as a special Mac and Trouble piece that still targets Taylor’s passion…Superhero Comics.

Gilligan himself has been a fixture in comics since 1978 with credits including Marvel, DC, Big Bang, Image, Heavy Metal and more. His film work includes the original Heavy Metal, Spider-Man 2 & 3, and more recently Captain America, The Avengers, and The Walking Dead. In the summer of 2014, Gilligan will be working on a new comic-related motion picture. Back in ‘93, Gilligan was working for card producer Clubhouse Diamonds and actually created the first commercial ‘sketch cards’ in the trading card hobby, and to his surprise, it soon took off and became a world-wide phenomenon. In the past few years, Gilligan rejoined the sketch card arena and has provided cards for Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Cult-Stuff, and many others, including producing his own trading card sets for the Mac and Trouble comic book.

The Adventures of Mac and Trouble is the story of these ‘average’ house cats that fall through a wormhole in their litter box and land in the middle of the Nexus of realities. But...was it an accident, or were they meant to be there? Only the evil Professor Wormhole knows for sure. The ‘Nexus’ is a place outside of space-time, where a mysterious group known as the Collectors base their operations. For all intent and purpose, it appears that they’re operating out of a Movie Studio filled with all sorts of amazing characters and props that interact with reality. During their adventures, you will meet all sorts of characters on their comedic travel through the universe...some familiar, some not. Among them, long lost heroes, movie monsters, and historical figures to name a few, on a wild journey of the absurd.

Mac and Trouble have a few issues of their own comic, as well as having been in a newspaper strip, and have made appearances in other comics and magazines.

This campaign started on Mar 27 and will close on May 26, 2014.


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