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MAAB, a force to be noticed in the fight against bullying

A new force in the fight against bullying.
A new force in the fight against bullying.
Kyoshi Kovar

Late this past Saturday night I received notification that Kyoshi Dave Kovar had opened up registration on his newest endeavor, Martial Artists Against Bullying (MAAB). With that notification on March 8, 2014, began a massive effort to arm martial arts instructors all over the world with material and knowledge to fight bullying. The effort has grown with over 100 schools from all over the world joining the group and more than 300 people “liking” the Facebook Page set up for the group to date.

From the Done With Bullying Website,

Bullying continues to be a major issue despite the fact that awareness of the problem is at an all-time high. I founded Martial Artists Against Bullying (MAAB) because I believe that no other industry is in a better position to do something about bullying than the martial arts industry. – Kyoshi Dave Kovar

And Kyoshi Kovar meant every word of it. Not only has he invested his time and effort into the project, but he called on his friends and colleagues in the martial arts to lend their experience and knowledge. Martial Arts Master Instructors and Self-Defense Experts such as: Bill Kipp, Christopher Rappold, Mike Valentine, Bryan Higgins, Patrick Kelly, Nick Wilson, Tim Leard, Fariborz Azhakh and Tom Callos, all contributed time and talent to the development of the “Done With Bullying” Program. What they have put together is a fabulous resource for uniting martial artists and instructors from around the world in the fight against the damage of bullying.

Check out the ever expanding list of “Member Schools” for a participating school in your area. Kyoshi Kovar and the people who have helped him organize this effort are showing the power martial arts and the martial arts community can have on the world around them.