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Ma'lik Richmond returns to football team after rape conviction

Football player Ma'lik Richmond has returned to his team after his very high profile rape case. On Tuesday, New York Daily News shared that after a rape charge Ma'lik is back practicing with his Steubenville HS football team. It looks like this case didn't hurt his time on the field.

wikimedia commons

Reno Saccoccia, Steubenville's head football coach, told Columbus' Fox 28, "I feel that we're really not giving him a second chance. Some may look at it like that. I feel like he's earned a second chance." He served 9 months in a juvenile detention center for rape. Ma'lik and another boy Trent Mays were both convicted in the rape of a 16-year-old girl. Mays is still serving his two year sentence.

It was up to the school if they wanted to let him play. There is no rule saying that he can't so they will not be violating anything. Richmond has done everything he was supposed to since being convicted. It sounds like he was very well behaved during his sentence and is just ready to live his life again after this conviction. It will follow him around on his record the rest of his life.

Blogger Alexandra Goddard has been following the case. She said, "Steubenville City Schools hasn’t really done a lot in the past two years to prove to the world that they don’t tolerate rape culture and allowing a Tier II registered sex offender on the team pretty much solidifies the assumption that they are concerned about wins rather than the safety of young girls or the destruction of rape culture in their area." It doesn't seem surprising that they put Ma'lik Richmond back on the team.

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