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Ma cha Tea Lounge

Green Pomegranate Tea
Green Pomegranate Tea
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I stopped at the Ma cha Tea Lounge, located within the Ma cha Teahouse + Gallery at 1934 Monroe Street in Madison, WI to see what all the excitement is about. I found it to be a very comfortable and unique environment. Separate rooms are available to accommodate any size party, with the walls painted in cheery, yet warm colors and flowing sheer curtains covering the windows. Two or three people may cozy up with pillows in the front window looking out to Monroe St. The entire house may be reserved to accommodate a tea party for 22.

I spoke with Anthony Verbrick, the teahouse manager, regarding the 60 loose leaf teas available on the menu. After he provided me with a short list of the most popular teas, I decided to purchase Green Pomegranate. Anthony measured out the one ounce I requested and packaged it in a small brown bag, sealed it and placed a label on the bag, which provided important details about the preparation of the tea.

Green Pomegranate is green tea blended with raspberries and the essence of pomegranate, making the flavor a unique blend that is fruity, yet refreshing. I will definitely return to purchase more green pomegranate tea, as well as try many others offered.

My next trip I plan to experience an afternoon tea complete with the sweet treats that are specially made by the owner, Rachel Fox. Reservations are needed, so please call ahead to schedule your tea party.

There are so many tea varieties available that one needs to return again and again to try them all.

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