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M15 preview: Soul of Shandalar

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Now that the website has updated itself, numerous cards have been previewed on what is day one of the Magic 2015 spoilers. These spoilers are set to last for the next two weeks until the set has it's prerelease. One of the newest cards previewed was:

Soul of Shandalar
Creature - Avatar
First Strike
3RR: Soul of Shandalar deals 3 damage to target player and 3 damage to up to one target creature that player controls.
3RR, Exile Soul of Shandalar from your graveyard: Soul of Shandalar deals 3 damage to target player and 3 damage to up to one target creature that player controls.

Part of the mythic rare cycle, Soul of Shandalar looks like it will be dealing a lot of damage to opponents. The important thing to note is that you do not need to also have a target creature to deal three damage to in order to resolve it's abilities. The ability reads "up to" meaning it can be zero.

With the release of the Red Soul, that leaves players wondering what the White Soul and the Black Soul will do. What do you think they will do? What do you think of Soul of Shandalar? Red has been proving to be quite formidable, and now they get this creature. It looks like it's here to stay for a little while longer.

According to the article, by Aaron Forsythe, where Soul of Shandalar was previewed, the design team took, "a long, long time to ultimately finalize the way the cycle was supposed to work." The cycle he is referring to here is the cycle of six-casting cost Soul creatures. Originally, the Red Soul was supposed to be from Tarkir, the plane that Sarkhan Vol is from. However, they eventually settled upon Shandalar as the card reads.

Magic 2015 will have its prerelease July 12-13. M15 will be legal for Standard play starting July 18. Game day for M15 will be on August 9-10. The official hashtag is #MTGM15.


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