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M15 preview: Apocalypse pain lands to be reprinted

They're back folks!
They're back folks!
Wizards of the Coast

Was this a fluke? Or was it on purpose? Either way, Wizards has spoiled the cycle of dual lands a little early. From the website, there is an article dated for tomorrow, June 27. In it, the set of dual lands for the M15 have been spoiled.


They are all reprints of the Apocalypse pain lands. This was expected early on, but never confirmed until now. This will most likely mean that the Fetch Lands, which many people were hoping for, can now be taken off of the list.

This should not deter people from getting M15 though. Earlier in the day, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth was spoiled via the MTG Spain Twitter handle. In the articles featured on it has been stated that M15 does not center on a single plane like it has in the past. Therefore, it seems like anything that can be reprinted has the potential to be reprinted.

Also spoiled earlier today was Phyrexian Revoker. This is a card that has been seeing play in Modern. Considering some of the new cards that have been spoiled so far in M15, this should see play in Standard as well.

In the article where the M15 dual land cycle was revealed, it was said that the fall set Khans of Tarkir will feature another dual land cycle. There is no official word as to what that cycle will be. Signs to point that these lands may come into play tapped as the article talks about how lands that come into play tapped help keep the Standard Format in check.

What do you think of the Apocalypse lands being reprinted? Are you excited? If you already own them, then good for you, if not, it may be time to get your hands on them. However, the new frame may be enough of a reason to buy the new ones.

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