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M.G. Cinecraft & Stuart Films Presents Enlightenments & Chronicles of a Profiler

At Mist Harlem on Thursday, March 20, 2014, the audience was treated to a grand event. The screening of two very intriguing webseries made their debut on the Mist Harlem theater screen. The films were entitled: Chronicles of a Profiler and Enlightenments. Both presented episodes to the audience and truly left them wanting more.

Images from M.G. Cinecraft & Stuart Films event at Mist Harlem on March 20, 2014
M.G. Cinecraft & Stuart Films
Images from the M.G. Cinecraft & Stuart Films event at Mist Harlem
M.G. Cinecraft & Stuart Films

Just two years in the making, these two projects are guaranteed to push the boundaries of everything you thought was real! They leave the audience questioning their beliefs and even challenging them to think out of the box. The first webisode that was shown was for the story called Chronicles of a Profiler.

The story of Chronicles of a Profiler is about a criminal profiler dealing with his demons. The director and writer Jamaal Green, keeps us at the edge of our seat with this TV crime drama that is also a supernatural thriller. Chronicles of a Profiler, uses cinematic excellence to take you into a world of haunted lucid dreams and experience the supernatural havoc that follows retired investigator, Jackson Sheppard into a dark confrontation with his past. To view the trailer for Chronicles of a Profiler visit: The heart pounding intensity of the story will leave you wanting for more.

The next webisode the audience screened was entitled Enlightenments. Enlightenments takes the viewer on a journey behind the walls of politics and religion. From the mind of Wilson Mbiavanga comes a politically charged drama that chronicles the modern religious sects dominating Washington, D.C. Enlightenments, is an unholy force with sweeping cinematic intensity. An enthralling ensemble of cast members work to expose the masked political factions of a society who will stop at nothing to advance their own agenda. To view the trailer for Enlightenments, visit:

The screening was followed by a Q & A with the director and writer of the films. Also in attendance were actors from both films. Please send all media inquiries or other questions to:

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