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M A R í A - The Adventure of Fighting Treasure


Gamers take note! M A R í A - The Adventure of Fighting Treasure is already half way to their goal. This is a potentially very long game (see stretch goals), but it is by no means the endless or unbeatable saga many mobile games tend to be. This game will ship with 50 levels, with perhaps more on the way based on stretch goals and general success. Created by Undie Development, this is what they had to say about the project:I have a degree in Game Design, and I'm using my tendencies of producing thoughtful controversy to push a subtle message of equality with an otherwise straightforward, colorful, fun, and charming gaming experience.

The perks are as follows: $1 - Thank you very much! Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated. I'll send you a wallpaper pack for your phone, computer, and/or tablet, as well as a personal thank you letter once the KickStarter is over.

$5 - I will list your name in the credits! These can be seen by everybody from the main menu, and will roll at the end of the experience as well. This tier includes the $1 reward.

$10 - Get a code to play online and experience the entire game from your computer without any ads to get in the way of your experience! You will also get a link to play the BETA, to help shape this game's development! This tier includes the $5 & $1 rewards.

$16 - Want to play this game on your computer without being connected to the internet? Want to take it around and play it wherever you go? Choose this tier and you will receive an executable install of this game (share it with as many friends as you wish!). This tier includes the $10, $5, and $1 rewards.

$20 - If you donated to this tier and have forgotten the rewards, please send me a message.

$35 - You will get a download code to receive the full game on your Apple or Android mobile device to play on the go. A golden-colored disc (cover and instructional panel included) with the game and other goodies. You can keep this in mint condition because this tier includes the $16, $10, $5, & $1 rewards.

$45 - Get a shirt with the game characters on it (choose between "I saved King Bling" and "Sweet-16 Bit". Examples posted below. This tier includes the $35, $16, $10, $5, & $1 rewards.

$80 - Be in María's world! The world is still populated with people, but there are only a few who are brave enough to catch María on her journey, to warn her of new gameplay mechanics and enemies! Don't want to be a non-playable character? You may also opt to offer an enemy design or boss battle. You game will be shipped to you on a 4GB flash drive (pictured below). This tier includes the $45, $35, $16, $10, $5, & $1 rewards.

$115 - For early donators only! ($150, $80, $45, $35, $16, $10, $5, & $1 rewards)

$150 - Be in the game! Maria will be transformed into you or your favorite character! This game will be shipped exclusively to you, and will be executable from the install file found on your 4GB flash drive. A painting of your character will also be made and included in the art book pdf. This tier includes the $80, $45, $35, $16, $10, $5, & $1 rewards.

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