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M-61 Skincare From Bluemercury -- Stunningly Simple and Effective

Bluemercury M-61
Bluemercury M-61
Bluemercury M-61

M-61 is a technical skincare line from Bluemercury co-founder Marla Malcolm Beck... and I am obsessed with it. Feels so good to admit that!

The line combines the best of technical skin science and power-packed naturals while stripping out undesirable ingredients. Marla took Bluemercury’s thirteen years of experience of performing nearly 100,000 spa treatments (on me! I wish!) every year and blended that with input from more than 300 makeup artists and estheticians in Bluemercury stores.

The result: a power-packed treatment line that provides maximum results with minimal time. Recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to try the full line. Like a bee in wild flower patch -- I couldn't have been happier! Here is what I received...

  • Brilliant Cleanse ($9) - A creamy skin-smoothing alpha beta hydroxy acid cleanser with grapefruit and mandarin orange.
  • Fast Blast ($50) - A quick skin-brightening and exfoliating at home vitamin C facial mask with seaweed and aloe.
  • Hydraboost Serum ($78) - A peptide-packed vitamin B5 hydrating and firming serum with tamarind and aloe.
  • Hydraboost Cream ($84) - Peptide-packed vitamin B5 hydrating and nourishing moisturizer with tamarind, aloe, white mulberry and papaya.
  • Jet Glow Cream ($92) - Brightening and retexturizing peptide and glycolic acid cream with red seaweed and goji berry.
  • Power Glow Peel ($28) - A quick glycolic and salicylic acid exfoliating peel with vitamin K, bilberry and chamomile.

Although I loved everything (really and truly) here are a few of the big highlights from my time testing!

The (Steal-worthy) Staple:

From the moment I brought the products home, my sister snatched up the cleanser... and for someone with such acne prone skin even as an adult I was very surprised! I mean, c'mon the girl gets face cleanser and lotion PRESCRIBED to her! She never uses anything that's available readily in a store... or at least until now. But she has become a huge fan! She has ditched all other cleansers she normally uses for the gentle and effective (and most importantly balancing) Brilliant Cleanse.

The Splurge:

The creams were incredible! I was glad to be able to try them together so I could compare and contrast their effectiveness. If I had to pick, the Jet Glow Cream worked best for my skin. It is a retexturing glow cream improves the skin’s clarity, tone and radiance. It felt like it just absorbed a bit better into my skin -- and the red seaweed was able to help keep my skin firm while soothing and nourishing the skin’s internal structure. End result -- it just glowed! I felt like it was strong, supple, and better able to combat environmental stressers -- like a few days of sleeping in my makeup! Sorry!

Best Bang For Your Buck:

Enjoy the world's easiest Peel with M-61's Power Glow Peel. You can choose between 10 or 30 pre-packaged treatments. And just like a makeup removing cloth you can rip open the package, wipe it all over your skin and ta-da instant facial! Your skin will be a little red for a few hours, so it's best to do it at night, but in the end you feel perky and fresh. Any zits -- zapped! Any old dry skin cells - gone! You will be 100% refreshed!

As always, everything was...

  • 100% paraben-free
  • 100% synthetic fragrance-free
  • dermatologist tested
  • allergy tested

Love M-61 available at bluemercury the best store (either online or at their Newbury Street location) for everything beauty!

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