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Lyrid meteor shower to light up sky tonight; peaking Earth Day morning

Looking for a great and free light show? If so, step outside tonight and early tomorrow morning and get a glimpse pf the Lyrid meteor shower that will take place tonight and will peak early in the morning on Earth Day April 22, 2014.

Lyrid meteor shower best viewing area
Lyrid meteor shower best viewing area
Lyrid shower

The moonlight may damper the show for some watchers but the shower is said to be so bright that it may outshine the moon in most areas.

You will need to go to dark areas away from the bright lights of the city to get a view of the meteorites.

It is said that up to 20 meteors will be able to be seen per hour as it peaks which should be just before the sunrise on Earth Day.

NASA will have a live stream of the Lyrid shower for viewers to watch if they do not have a chance to see in person or can not find a suitable dark area. will also have a live stream for viewers to enjoy.

The Lyrid shower happens annually when Earth passes through debris and dust left by Comet Thatcher, a long period comet that makes a full orbit of the sun every 415 years.

The best time to view the beautiful light show will be around Midnight until peak time at sunrise. NASA said those in the Northern Hemisphere will have the better view.

Though not as spectacular of a show as the Perseids or Geminids but will still be a great show and the are pretty fast and will come in at 110,000 miles per hour.

Tune in to one of the live streams if you are not able to get out and view yourself.

If you are able to NASA would love to see any of your pictures that you are able to capture.

Enjoy the show.

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