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Lynn, Mass. mayor cites illegal aliens with graying hair enrolling as students

Lynn Mass. Mayor sees illegal alien students enrolling in the city's schools with gray hair and wrinkles around their eyes. They are adults!
Lynn Mass. Mayor sees illegal alien students enrolling in the city's schools with gray hair and wrinkles around their eyes. They are adults!

The city of Lynn, Massachusetts is between a rock and a hard place if there ever was one and the mayor had some serious concerns about the illegal aliens enrolling into the Lynn school system. With illegal children being allowed to sign up for classes and government officials ordering the schools to take students in without verifying anything about them, including their age, problems have popped up, according to Fox News live on Aug. 28.

Mayor Judith Flanagan appeared on the news this morning describing what she is seeing among the new students enrolling in the Lynn school system. She said some of the students had “graying around their temples” and she also spotted some with “more wrinkles around their eyes” than she has and she is a woman in her 50s. “One of these kids turned out to be 35 years old, said Flanagan, reports the PJ Media today.

These were her concerns after viewing the registration paperwork and seeing pictures of the new students who are illegal aliens now living in Lynn. The majority of the Guatemala students enrolling in Lynn Public Schools claim to be 14 to 17 years of age. The pictures of the new students tell a different story.

Washington Post writer, Dana Milbank doesn't seem to see the extent of the havoc being reported by the mayor of Lynn. It sounds as if Milbank doesn't see this as dire as the mayor does today. It is a hot topic and the sides are forming, those for and those against these children attending U.S. public schools without any verification.

Lynn, just like other towns are stuck as they are ordered by the federal government not to verify anything that the illegal aliens report, that goes for their age. Sarcastically Flanagan says, “Enrolling adults as “kids” in public schools full of actual kids. No, surely, nothing can go wrong from this.”

Flanagan spoke to the media at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday saying that one of the first things they noticed when enrolling some of the students into their schools is “that they were adults.”

U.S. citizens couldn’t get away with showing up to enroll in a school without verification and these safe guards were put in place for a reason. New students need to verify everything, especially their address because the numbers of students’ enrollment in a school district has a lot to do with the money allotted to the schools.

Not verifying age, especially when it is more than obvious the person is an adult, is one big recipe for disaster. This can’t be very reassuring to the parents of kids that go to the schools where these adults will now be students. This no verification policy doesn't appear to have been thought through for all the possible dangers this could lead to.

Would you want your son or daughter going to school with an adult in their class? Probably not. The school districts have no information on the people enrolling in the school, they could have criminal backgrounds, but if they don’t offer this information up, there is no way to know this.

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