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Lynda Carter is Having the Time of Her Life

Lynda Carter's The Time of My Life concert runs April 11 & 12 at the Catalina Jazz Club (6725 West SUNSET Blvd., HOLLYWOOD, CA. 90028).  Tickets available at or
Mike Pingel

Lynda Carter will always and forever be our Wonder Woman, but her real passion is singing. Lynda will be performing her yearly concert in Los Angeles for two nights, April 11 & 12, 2014, at the Catalina Jazz Club. I was able to chat with her about the new tour, Arizona bill veto, kissing Kutcher and more. Enjoy!

Mike: Your upcoming tour is titled: The Time of My Life. Are you having the time of your life?
Lynda: I am having the time of my life! The title is very represented; it is a great time of my life. My kids are doing well, my life is going well. I’m happy, I’m working. It’s more about the experiences in your life. Every day is going well. It’s nice

Mike: What do you have in store for this year’s audience?
Lynda: Every year I pull together a list of new songs I want to do. I go down to Nashville with the band and we all work on the new songs. I have a general idea how I want it to go. We create these new and different approaches to the songs. I’m thinking I want to do a mixture of old-timey and new.

I love Sara Bareilles’ “Brave,” the message in that song is really great. How it does takes courage to go out and tackle something new, and the line, “I want to see you brave” is just a great message. I love that and it’s very inspiring. When I saw her video, it meant a lot more with people in the street just dancing, acting silly and just expressing themselves. When people get into an accident and they are recovering it takes courage and when you have a child it takes courage and it reflects all these things and I just think it’s a wonderful song.

Mike: Talk about being brave . . . you are a great supporter of the GLBT community. Any thoughts about that horrible anti GLBT Arizona bill and Governor Jan Brewer's veto?
Lynda: I think it was outrageous. The fact that the Arizona legislature even passed it is shocking. Jan Brewer vetoed it, but similar bills are being considered in other states.

What I want to know is this…who is really behind it? It must be backed by some powerful money people.

Mike: What new songs will you be performing this year?
Lynda: There’s this great song, “Blame it on your Heart” a Patty Loveless song. It’s that …blame it on your life, cheating cold dead beating two timing double dealing means treating loving heart (laughs). Then there is “Some Day you Got to Dance” and there is an Amy Winehouse song. I might do a Gotye song. I don’t know. I’ll have to see how it turns out.

We are also working on adding a few more country songs. I try to keep true to the old-timey jamming feel but if it’s not, then I approach with a little more jazz feel.

Mike: Are you doing any writing?
Lynda: Yes, there’s a new video game coming out which I’m writing some songs for it and when I go to Nashville I’ll be working on those as well. I’m real excited about it.

Mike: Are you looking forward to your return to the Catalina Club?
Lynda: One of the things that has happened that is really great is that I use the show at the Catalina Club to really fine tune the show before I go to The Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center. I love that room. I love the people who go there. They are up and out of their seats dancing. Anyway it has proved to be a very excellent launch to the show. We just have a great time.

Mike: I know, but you’re the one who brings the good time. You are the ring master there missy. The Ringmaster!
Lynda: (laughs) Well, I know I am. I also know they can expect that they can be brave, get up and dance. You know.

Mike: Yeah
Lynda: It feels like it’s in my backyard or living room. It’s a part of the creative process. That is why I love the Catalina so much. We still are working out a few little things here and there.

Mike: And that is what is fun about a live show too…
Lynda: Yeah! And I love that anything can happen.
And it has proved to be a very excellent start to the year of doing a show and just recently The Jazz at the Lincoln Center as asked me to come back twice a year; once in the spring and again in the fall. Twice a year is a big deal. I’m very excited about it.

Mike: Any one thing stands out from last year’s concert tour?
Lynda: Something exciting that happened when I was playing at the Mohegan Sun. I met Pete Marston, the son of the creator of Wonder Woman. He is in his 80s but keen of mind. He and his daughter Christie, great grandson Will, and granddaughter-in-law Laurie came to the see the show and I spent some time with them.

Then we went up to his house where he has a museum of Wonder Woman. Pete talked to me all about how his mother was really the most instrumental in creating Wonder Woman. Although his father got credited for the creation mostly, she said if we are going to do it we got to do it about a woman. She was very impressive on how she saw this woman.

It was so wonderful that I was able to meet these people whose father created something that changed my life.

Mike: Were you surprised by at all the different items they made of you as Wonder Woman?
Lynda: It’s amazing and shocking! They have everything that has ever been created about Wonder Woman. Everything! It really is amazing, just unbelievable all of the things. Shocking actually! I put some of the pictures on Facebook. (

If you ever want to talk about Wonder Woman, Pete knows everything. And the coolest thing he said, “You’re her exactly. Everyone was so worried how they were going to portray Wonder Woman. It was not about her super powers it was about her as a person.”

The golden lasso, his father created the lie detector; the lasso is a lie detector. It was not so much about the super powers it’s all about truth and comradely and all of that.

Mike: Talking about Wonder Woman . . . do you have any advice for upcoming actress Gal Gadot?
Lynda: None what-so-ever! She will have her hands full. I wish her luck. I don’t know how much she is in the movie. The movie is about Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman is in there. I wish her well. I hope they portray Wonder Woman as she is intended to be.

If they ever re-do it, I would hope they would talk to me. They really should get a handle on what the intention was of Wonder Woman to begin with and keep the mission of peace.

Wonder Woman is having a reassurance. Microsoft is using my Wonder Woman in their commercials. In Vegas, they are making a slot machine with me on it.

Mike: Can you rate from 1-10 the Ashton Kutcher kiss?
Lynda: His Kiss….that would be weird, weird, weird! I can’t even go there. I’ll tell you this is the truth. When you are in rehearsal for a few days, you don’t really kiss the person, you just go up to the point, so the camera knows where you are going to be, but you don’t kiss them until you’re actually going to really have a kiss. It’s important in a final rehearsal or something. So we are doing this for a couple of days and I took him aside, I had my iPad with me, I said “Ashton I got to tell you something”, he said “what?”, “ok every time I’m about to kiss you,” I said, “I just want to giggle.” He was so nice he said “Oh don’t worry about it.” Thinking because he’s Ashton Kutcher. I said “No, No, No you don’t understand.” Then I opened up my iPad and showed him a picture of my son. “This is my son. He’s 26. This is too weird.” He goes “AHHHHOOO” It’s like Ashton is tall like my son. It was just weird, like OH NO…(laughing). It was so cougar. He’s a bit old to be my son but still felt like that – and then I got over it.

Then in the end I kissed a girl, (Lynda sings) “I kissed a girl” and at the very end of it I was suppose come out and hug Amber Tamblyn and they asked “would you kiss her?” and I said “sure”. She didn’t even know I was going to do it. I took her face I smooched it and I kissed her really hard. Now that was fun!

Lynda Carter's The Time of My Life concert runs April 11 & 12 at the Catalina Jazz Club (6725 West SUNSET Blvd., HOLLYWOOD, CA. 90028). Tickets available at or

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