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Do Liberals Believe Truth is an Obstacle to be Overcome?
Do you ever get the feeling that almost all who wear the banner of Democrat are LIARS? Something can happen in one day, and almost all of them will be out the next day telling the same ridiculous story. The most recent story is: “Obama care will allow the people who get it to work so many hours less that it will be equal to 2 and a half million people quitting work. All of this is wonderful they say and people are volunteering to work less. It is not the fault of Obamacare It is just a beneficial choice of the workers. They fail to tell you that in order not to lose the government subsidy many people must cut their work hours or pay all that new expense coming from Obamacare. Neither are they telling others that do not get the subsidy, they will have to pay these people for not working.

Schumer is one of those Democrats that says not working is good

Below are some other liberal progressive ideas that make your mouth drop. This usually takes place while many of your acquaintances are going to church or supporting them monetarily or in other ways.
(1) Changing reap what you sow to reaping what others sow. (like the above)
(2) The concept that samesex marriage is equal or just like opposite sex marriage, even though one perpetuates the species and the other can never do so.

(3) Seeking to establish the concept that STUFF (space / time / matter) is paramount and what is created by it are laws, life and mind. This they say is superior to the traditional concept that mind was first and that space-time-matter, laws and life comes from mind.

(4) That killing the most innocent (the unborn) is compassion.
(5) That giving dignity and support for the unborn is evil.
(6) That forcing some against their conscious choice to participate in all the above in word and deed; suffering the loss of liberty themselves.

All of this says, ease your mind. You don’t have to be responsible nor answer the hard questions for this life. We will make it all ok for you. All you have to do is keep voting for us. Those other people want to take all this away from you because they hate you and love those that do not need all they earn. Help us to take it from them and give it to you.

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