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Lydia Loveless returns to Atlanta with the Old 97’s at Terminal West

Lydia Loveless & Old 97's
Lydia Loveless & Old 97's
Lydia Loveless & Old 97's

Coming to town this Thursday night are two of the finest musical acts to ever grace the stage at Atlanta’s Terminal West. First Lydia Loveless will unleash a set of tunes about love, life and bad decisions before Texas’ Old 97’s turn up the heat with some western flavored rock and roll music. Both are out supporting new records that should find their ways onto many of the end of year best of lists.

Lydia Loveless is one of the hottest voices in music right now. If you have not heard her music then you need to get off your ass and go immerse yourself in her work. Her latest record Somewhere Else is loaded with brilliantly written songs accompanied by guitar heavy rock music delivered with a punk attitude. The songs aren’t all about rainbows and unicorns as she weaves tails of heartbreak, lost love and regret. Whether acoustic or with a full band Ms. Loveless delivers performances that are raw, powerful and full of emotion. On the sad songs you feel her pain, on the happy songs you join her in her celebration and in the angry songs you wonder if she is going to punch somebody. Thursday night should be more of the same as she belts out tunes from the latest record, her previous work and some choice covers. (She has been known to sing Elvis Costello, Keisha and some others.) You are not going to want to miss her performance as she kicks of the night.

Closing things out are Texas rockers Old 97’s. Together since the 90’s these dudes can tear it up live. Their music can be full of country twang or loaded with guitar heavy rock, either way it all kicks ass and their latest record Most Messed Up demonstrates this perfectly. The band still sounds fresh even after all these years and their live shows are some of the best around. The evening’s play list will heavily support the latest release but have no fear I am sure all of the tastiest songs from the back catalog will find their way into the set. The Old 97’s have always been one of the better live shows I have ever experienced. Loaded with energy the band never rests as they pour every ounce of themselves into each note which projects onto the crowd. When the night comes to a close I don’t know who will be more exhausted, Rhett Miller and his cohorts or the packed house at Terminal West.

Two great performers at one kick-ass location this Thursday night makes for one hell of an evening out. The music starts early with Lydia Loveless so be sure you get there to hear everything she has to offer. When she is finished don’t go anywhere because the Old 97’s are going to treat your ears to some fine rock tunes. When all is said and done you may want to call in sick Friday morning, but then everyone should be well rested after a 3 day weekend.

WHO: Old 97’s & Lydia Loveless
WHERE: Terminal West
WHEN: Thursday, May 29th, 7pm