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LXR & Co., the new way to shop for high end luxurious vintage accessories

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We can't get away from technology no matter how hard we try. It's literally everywhere from the minute we wake up to the moment we go to sleep and for some, even while you're sleeping, So why not take advantage of all that technology and use it to gap your existing brick and mortar into e commerce? That's exactly what LXR & Co's founders, husband & wife team, Frederick Mannella and Kei Izawa have done.

LXR & Co. is a luxury store that sells pre-owned high end designer and vintage accessories from brands like Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton that has taken technology to a whole new level and is benefiting from everything it has to offer. With the opening of their first flagship store and then their website in late 2012/early 2013 the duo took advantage of technology to offer their clients a new and truly different shopping experience. By implementing technological tools into their website and stores LXR & Co. has found a way to evolve and learn their consumer needs and at the same time seamlessly fusing the in-store experience with e-commerce.

In an interview with one of the founders Frederick Mannella, he states that the usage of technology to continuously grow and expand their company is all about 'make(ing) the customer’s experience better. We are currently working hard to find new and exciting experiences using the latest advancements in technology. We are currently testing iBeacon technology on a small scale. This is a new technology and there is still a lot to do to make sure the user experience is flawless. We are thrilled to deploy it throughout our locations in the near future.'

Aside from iBeacon technology, LXR & Co. also employs additional tools like Thirdshelf, Estimote and Lightspeed as part of their in store technology. Every customer who walks in automatically received an customized in store experience. From personalized greetings to customers when they walk in through the door, a tailored shopping experience due to in store tablets, automatic targeting of store promotions that relate to the customer's previous shopping experiences and profile to attendants who are able to view your profile and purchase history.

Frederick Mannella and Kei Izawa came up with the idea for LXR & Co. from their love of all things limited editions. Said Mannella;

' I think these items are awesome to have and to collect, because it gives you a sense that you are getting something not everyone has - something truly special. With most limited edition items, once they are sold out, they are gone forever. However, vintage offers the chance to get a product that is no longer on the market and can be very hard to find. This was a huge inspiration for me, and as I started looking for more limited edition items and past season collections, I realized that no one in the U.S. market w as really offering access to such products on a large scale and through a brand you can really trust. We set out to create a brand that is trustworthy and consistent in the quality of products it delivers...'.

The words second hand sometimes carry a negative connotation to it but when you classify it as vintage people tend to want it more. LXR & Co. is changing the way people look at second hand items and to view them more as vintage luxury as chic, special, timeless, and above all accessible. Their products are curated by expert buyers with extensive work backgrounds stemming from Hermès and Louis Vuitton, and global auction houses like Sotheby's. All pieces are purchased from individuals and at auctions and are all fully inspected, quality-controlled and given authentication by their team of in-house curators in a 5 step process that is done in one of their major offices across the world. With New York and Los Angeles being key markets for LXR & Co. that's where a lot of our products come from. Don't think of it as a consignment store though. LXR & Co. doesn't consign, but they do pay top dollar for their products and own them exclusively.

But although they pride themselves in selling the finest high end luxurious accessories that the fashion world has to offer, don't expect to see them offering clothing. Their business is all about doing what they do best and offering the best that they have to offer in when it comes to luxurious fashion accessories. LXR & Co. currently has two flagship stores, one in Beverly Hills, CA and the other one in New York City's SoHo area and this June they will be opening a Toronto store. From there, LXR & Co. is planning on expanding internationally, mainly targeting Europe for 2015. With a business that has grow exponentially in just over a year with over 200,000 members online, 2 boutiques in the largest U.S. markets, and a company revenue that continues to double and a projected revenue for 2014 set to top $20 million it seems like Mannella and Izawa have taken their passion and are changing the fashion world and how it interacts with its customers and views vintage.

To learn more about LXR & Co. visit their site at

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