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Luxury World Traveler is the Specialist for the Excursionist!

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There’s no better way to unplug from your mobile devices and careers than taking a trip into exotic, unknown places. It’s a great opportunity to experience what you otherwise wouldn’t on the home-front. Some people are into the traveling game and some are not. But, even if you aren’t it’s impossible to imagine one person on this planet who hasn’t thought of kicking it beachside in the Bahamas or been able to witness the wonders like the Great Wall of China, visit the wonderful people of Copenhagen, or try some of the most exquisite foods you could only partake in Paris. The truth is that inside each of us is an adventurer - whether exploring first-hand or creeping through other people’s trip photos from paradise.

Taking that big step into places unknown requires perfect planning because the reality is that unless you’re planning on living in your destination for a good couple of months or so while working, you’re actually limited on time and money. A way to get the best traveling experience would be to spend at least two weeks at your destination, but sadly you may have even less time than that. So, to insure that you’re getting the best traveling experience with what time and money you have, consider consulting someone who’s an expert on vacation planning. Regardless if you are new to the wayfarer game or not, hiring someone to get the best traveling advice from is an excellent investment because you’re paying them to save you time and money so that you have the time of your life. Their job is to grant you smooth, pleasant travels while finding the best places to stay, and the hotspots you won’t want to miss at great prices. Most traveling agencies and specialists can only get you so much as decent flight or cruise, but trying to fit in everything you’d want to do while managing your time is another thing that would require someone with much traveling experience as opposed to someone who relies on Google or some other database to accomplish such a task. Luxury World Traveler ( comes in highly recommended if you want to approach someone with real experience that’ll make you feel like royalty throughout the entirety of your journey.

Luxury World Traveler was established by traveling fanatic and entrepreneur, Gil Antolin. Gil is one of the most unique globetrotters you’ll ever come across because he has ample experience in traveling to places that most people only dream about, so he knows what people will want in a trip. His company Luxury World Traveler is committed to making your traveling experience about as perfect as you could hope for from point A to point B and back by eradicating every concern you would have on a trip; Whether you are staying local, going to Las Vegas, or across the world. Their exceptional concierge will hook you up with specific destinations and partner you up with the right expert to grant you the ultimate vacation experience. Heck, they will even help you get a great private jet deal too with their partner company M2 Jets ( if you need one. It’s basically putting all the heavy work on autopilot so all you’d have to do is sit back on cloud 9 and enjoy yourself. What’s even more helpful is that you can actually see some of the amazing photos and experiences Gil and his company have been through via their highly popular (over 300K followers) Instagram account (@luxuryworldtraveler). You can even interact with other followers on hot topics and once in a while, Gil even offers his followers free (yes, free) trips to paradise locations worldwide.

There’s a trusting relationship that comes with LWT and they’ve come in highly recommended as one of top 10 best traveling specialists on Buzzfeed’s latest list. The traveling industry in recent years has generated an economic impact (direct, indirect, and induced) of approximately 6.8 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. In 2012, the head count of international tourists exceeded the one billion mark for the first time and has been increasing ever since. The industry is a highly diverse and competitive one, which is why when you want attention to detail and everything done in a timely manner, it’s wise to beseech the likes of such gurus like Gil Antolin and his company. Reliability, hasty, and thrifty are key terms for the best junket or as LWT would encourage: Dream big, eat well, travel on!