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'Luxury' toilets for 'members only': A new service in NYC

Using public restrooms can be daunting especially if you're not in an area that you're familiar with. If you've traveled to New York City, you probably know that finding a clean bathroom in public places can be a challenge to say the least. Well that's about to change -- for some people. According to a video report by Buzz60, you will soon be able to pay for cleanliness and privacy.

Apparently there is a company in New York that has a pretty neat idea. They are going to provide a space that has private bathrooms (with toilets and showers), lockers, and a private lounge. If you want to be a part of the exclusive, luxury bathroom club, you can.

There are pricing plans and the cheapest is just $6 a day. $8 will get you a bathroom and a locker. Who would pay to go pee? Well, it depends on how bad you have to go -- and how gross the bathrooms around you are. But are you really going to travel to this designated place just to go potty?

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