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Luxury rescue for dry body skin after traveling: Natura Bissé Diamond Body Cream

Luxury rescue for dry body skin after traveling: Natura Bissé Diamond Body Cream
Luxury rescue for dry body skin after traveling: Natura Bissé Diamond Body Cream
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

All bundled up in scratchy winter woolens, enduring the Artic chills, dry airplane cabin air and perhaps dehydrating internally with cold meds, you might feel like the skin on your body is flaky, flabby and will never be pretty again! Giving yourself a confidence boost and moisture replenishment from head to toe is a "needed" luxury! You'll feel better about going to the gym, shopping for cruise wear, and just going about your daily business. You'll feel more glamorous! That's why I was very glad to be hosted to experience Natura Bissé Diamond Body Cream.

Natura Bissé is considered one of the most globally coveted luxe skincare brands -- based in Barcelona -- and was named "Best Luxury Spa Brand" by NewBeauty Choice Awards (US). It's available at select destination spas and boutique cosmetics stores.

It's packaged in a wide-mouthed jar, which give a sense of indulgence when dipping in with your hand. It has a lush, abundant lavender bouquet to its nose upon application, but dries down to a very faint lavender-powder finish. It's definitely a sophisticated scent.

Its texture is somewhere between a cream and a lotion, with plenty of silky slip. Upon application, it absorbs instantly, leaving a dry to the touch satin feel to the skin.

Its finish is a hydrated glossy glow, plumping up each area of your body. With properly hydrated skin, everything looks firmer, more alive. It's a better investment than a one-off spa treatment.

This is what they say about it:

An extraordinary and absolute pleasure for the senses as well as an anti-aging body treatment that provides unprecedented firming results. This luxurious cream nourishes the skin and helps prevent skin aging in areas such as the arms and thighs, as well as flaccidity in the abdomen.


Contains firming ingredients that revitalize and stimulate dormant cells.
Provides exceptional hydration for a softer, sculpted and firmer skin.
Skin feels satiny.
275 ml. / 9.5 oz. Jar

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