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Luxury home entertaining for summer

Luxury home entertaining for summer
Luxury home entertaining for summer
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While each season offers a special and treasured ambiance for home entertaining, there is nothing quite like the summer season. Summertime weather gives the opportunity for casual outdoor entertaining as well as, slightly more formal indoor entertaining. Whether formal or causal both types of entertaining are fabulous for summer, yet both present unique challenges.

The first rule of thumb for entertaining, no matter the season, is to always think of your guests’ comfort. After all, you’re inviting your favorite people into your home. Therefore, you want them to feel welcomed and comfortable, and this can only be achieved with solid planning. Keeping in mind that summer weather can be sultry, this factor alone should dictate everything from cuisine to seating. Now that we understand the basis of home entertaining, let’s look at a plan.

Start with your menu and build upon that. Outdoor summertime entertaining usually brings a casual menu and indoors can be more formal. Either way that you choose to entertain your guests, make sure to be creative with the menu. Seek out a theme such as Spanish tapas served with Sangria, which actually works very well for both casual and formal settings. And can be prepared in advance so that you have time to spend with guests versus spending time in the kitchen.

Once the menu is set, the party décor is as simple as creating an ambience that reflects the menu.

  • Music is an essential part of entertaining and you can easily make a playlist on Spotify.
  • Use plenty of candles, which for outdoor entertaining can ward off pesky bugs and indoors simply sets a peaceful ambience.
  • Do not forget to create a flow so that guests do not have to navigate through a labyrinth to mingle with others or find the powder room.
  • Always have comfortable seating
  • If you have the space designate a room for guests to rest

Lastly, remember to relax and have fun. Grabbing a quiet moment prior to your guests’ arrival will give you a reprieve from coordinating your entertaining experience and offer your guests a well-rested host/hostess.

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