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Luxury Facials: Healthy or Hype

Diamonds are forever and truly every woman's best friend. The same can be said about many precious gemstones that can adorn our necks, fingers, earlobes and wrists. But what about being infused into a facial cream? This trend has become popular with many cosmetic companies and high end salons and spas and can command a hefty price tag. Many high end salons are participating in this ultra fabulous trend which seems to have celebrities flocking to their favorite spas and indulging in this luxurious treatment. There are various precious gems that are being used to create luminous, flawless and glowing skin.

White Diamond Cream facials are the most popular facial in posh salons. This treatment incorporates micronized diamonds (ground up very fine) and quartz crystals into a hydrating cream. This provides skin with healthy natural glow and provides softness. The micronized diamonds also act as an exfoliant which removes dead skin cells and allows new skin to become visible with less wrinkles and a radiant sheen. This procedure can cost between 1000 and 4000 dollars.

Black Diamond Cream facials are the newest and most trending facial to date. Unlike their counterparts white diamonds, black diamonds are loaded with carbonado which instantly absorbs and manipulates invisible UV light. The black diamonds are incorporated into a facial cream infusing peptides that leave the skin with the appearance of being "airbrushed". Fine lines and wrinkles are diffused and microcirculation stimulates the delivery of fresh blood to the tiny blood vessels in the face. This targets the base of the skin's epidermis and evens out skin tone as well as providing an amazing shimmer and vibrant glow. This procedure can cost between 2000 to 5000 dollars.

Pearl Cream Facials consist of pearl powder which is rich in amino acids, calcium, sugars and peptides which stimulate cell renewal and help fight glucagon (which is skin damage caused by sugars). This procedure fights pigmentation and enhances the natural radiance of the skin. This procedure can cost 1000 and up.

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